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3rd Special Operations Group (3SOG)


Colonel Lewis Theodore Horn
Group Commander

Major Kendra Pel
Deputy Group Commander

Senior Lieutenant Justin R. Klaw

Senior Lieutenant James "Mako" Sharkey Jr.

Senior Lieutenant Tasi Maavasa

Senior Lieutenant Triana Edwards

Senior Lieutenant Rebecca Selena Donati

Senior Lieutenant Jeffrey Harmon Elliott ("Harm")

Senior Lieutenant Serena Elizabeth Williamson

Senior Lieutenant Kai’Ckul Zawadi



Because USS PHOENIX (NCC-2315) is a Fleet Action Coordination vessel, the 3rd Special Operations Group (3SOG) has been placed aboard the ship. The 3rd SOG is a special Marine Corps unit "The Cobras," developed to provide PHOENIX with a highly versatile mix of fighter and transport craft in order to accomplish a wide range of offensive and defensive missions. Ten Nagzul-class "Cobra" fighters, 5 Highlander-class "Tartan" bombers, and 2 Xanadu-class "Khan" assault transports make up the 3rd SOG.

Nagzul-class light fighters have a crew of one: the Pilot. Highlander-class heavy fighters have a Pilot and a Co-pilot/Weapons Officer; two additional crewmembers can be accommodated. Xanadu-class assault transports have a Pilot and a Co-pilot/Loadmaster, and can embark 30 additional personnel.

Every pilot is a Marine Corps Senior Lieutenant (SLT), which is equivalent to a Starfleet Lieutenant. Every co-pilot is a Marine Corps First Lieutenant (1LT), which is equivalent to a Starfleet Lieutenant (junior grade).

The craft’s radio call sign (e.g., Cobra) is listed for each.

Light Fighters, Heavy Fighters and Assault Craft Pilots


COL Lewis T. Horn
King Cobra
MAJ Kendra Pel
Queen Cobra
SLT Justin Klaw
Cobra 1
SLT James Sharkey Jr.
Cobra 2
SLT Tasi Maavaas
Cobra 3
SLT Triana Edwards
Cobra 4
SLT Rebecca Donati
Cobra 5
“Dark Angel”
SLT Jeffrey Elliott
Cobra 6
SLT Serena Williamson
Cobra 7
SLT Kai’Ckul Zawadi
Cobra 8


3rd Special Operations Reconnaissance Unit (3SOR)


Major Paul Joseph Maginot

First Sergeant Seamus McKnight

Corporal Bryce "Hawk" Forte

Lance Corporal Jason Daniel Kent

Lance Corporal Johnny Li

Private First Class Kyle Akura


Major Paul Maginot
Viper Venom
First Sergeant Seamus McKnight
Viper  1
“Stogie Man”
CPL Bryce Forte
Viper 2
Lance Corporal Jason Kent
Viper 3
Lance Corporal Johnny Li
Viper 4
PFC Kyle Akura
Viper 5


Our ship has a call sign - in this case: “Firebird”.
All communications to and from the ship use the call sign with one exception: the Captain. When the captain herself is talking, she uses the call sign: Firebird Actual. This indicates that the C.O. is talking, not just any one.