Name: Major Paul Joseph Maginot
Position: 3rd Special Operations Reconnaissance Unit
Birth World: Groverís Corners, New Hampshire/Earth
Age: 37 (2282)

Personal Data:

Height: 6í
Weight: 190 lbs
Sex: Male
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Blue/Gray
Race: Human/Caucasian

Immediate Family:

Mother: Bernadette Maginot
Father: Jude Maginot
Sister: Arcadia Maginot, D.V.M., Ph.D.

Physical Appearance: P.J., like all members of the COBRA strike team, maintains a rigorous PT regimen to maintain combat readiness. He is muscular, lean, and solid. His dark hair is kept short. P.J. has very intense blue/gray eyes. Some have commented that they reflect an inner sadness that never seems to go away. The letters "SL" are branded into his left palm (a topic he refuses to discuss).

Personality: When on duty, P.J. can be very warm, friendly, and even funny in appropriate situations. On his own time he is withdrawn, quiet, and introverted. He is driven to fulfill his duties with excellence and to uphold the honor of The Corps. In quieter times he appears to be very reflective, as if he were trying to make sense of some great mystery.

Other Pertinent Data: P.J. has served with distinction in numerous SFMC operations throughout his career. He has been awarded the following major service citations: Silver Nebula; Wounded Lion; Starfleet Marine Corps Commendation; Federation Campaign Ribbon.

His passion is studying military tactics and history. Of particular interest to him are obscure manuscripts detailing the campaigns of Bletth Gyt of Aurora Loroma against a dimension-traveling foe called the Faktorn. Although historians have unanimously dismissed these ancient writings as little more than mythology, P.J. is obsessed with gathering all available information concerning the legendary confrontation.

History: P.J. was born Paul Joseph Maginot on May 5, 2282.

His parents, Jude and Bernadette, continue to own and operate the hundred-acre New Hampshire farm which has remained in the Maginot family for 264 years.

His sister, Arcadia (whom P.J. alone is allowed to call "Cady") is a veterinary geneticist involved with retro-breeding extinct species from throughout the Federation.

After graduating from the Starfleet Marine Corps Academy in 2304, P.J. was immediately assigned to USS SOJOURNER TRUTH as part of its rapid-response contingent. After his initial 4-year tour of duty, he requested a transfer to flight training at New Miramar. After successfully graduating in the top ten percent of his class, P.J. was stationed with the 5th Special Operations Group on USS ORWELL. His Commanding Officer rewarded P.J.ís outstanding years of service by recommending him personally to COL Lewis T. Horn for duty with the Cobras. P.J. Maginot has remained aboard USS PHOENIX since its commissioning in 2315.