Neil.jpg (82113 bytes) Name: Major Kendra Pel
Position: Deputy Group Commander, 3 S.O.G. (Cobras)
Birth World: Torruk VI, a Klingon Colony
Age: 29 (born 2285, stardate 8121.5)

Personal Data:

Height: 5í9"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Sex: Female
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Gray
RACE: Klingon/Vulcan

Immediate Family:

Mother: Dr Valerie Tate
Father: Commander Salek
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Physical Appearance: Major Pel, the result of Klingon genetic experimentation, is a Klingon/Vulcan hybrid. She is a stunningly beautiful woman with a dark olive complexion, and moderate head ridges. She also bears the pointed ears of Vulcans. She is rather muscular, reflecting her training as a Marine.

Personality: Major Pel is a perfectionist at any task she performs. Her dedication to her duty and her extraordinary skills combine to make her a diligent, efficient Marine officer. Off duty Pel continues to further her education via the shipís library. Kendra does enjoy playing Parisi Squares and keeping her muscles toned in the gym. Kendra also finds that spending time in the shipís lounge has been rewarding. While observing the relationships of others it has helped her to find balance in her own life. Major Pel is considered to be reserved, honorable and friendly, always willing to help a fellow officer.

Other Pertinent Data: After graduating from Starfleet Academy, Pel entered the Marines for three years to receive additional training. She gained an expertise in weapons and is considered an expert in small vessel tactical engagements. She has distinguished herself as a Marine fighter pilot. The genetic experiment that created Pel has enabled her with extraordinary telepathic abilities, including telekinesis.

History: Kendra Pel was the result of a Klingon attempt to breed telepathic Klingons by crossing Vulcan and Klingon DNA. The experiments, along with the children they created, were abandoned when Pel was eight years old, and Torruk VI was ceded to the Federation. The surviving children of the experiment, twelve out of one hundred, were placed for adoption within the Federation. A Vulcan Starfleet officer and his wife on the Mars Colony adopted Pel.

Pel adapted easily to life with her new parents. Around her thirteenth year, her psychic abilities emerged. Her Vulcan father helped her to hone them. He was intrigued when he eventually realized that Pelís abilities were in many ways stronger than those of Vulcans. Pel showed strength in telepathy and empathy, and was able to perform minor acts of telekinesis.

Pel followed her parentsí footsteps in Starfleet, graduating from the Academy with honors. She surprised her parents by enlisting in the Marines. Major Pel passed on the opportunity to become a flight instructor at New Miramar and was posted as deputy group leader aboard the USS Phoenix (NCC 2315).