Williamson.jpg (118665 bytes) Name: SLT Serena Elizabeth Williamson
Position: Pilot, 3rd Special Operations Group (Assault Craft)
Birth World: Terra- Smoky Mountains, TN
Age: 29

Personal Data:

Height: 6í
Weight: 140 lbs.
Sex: Female
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: DK Blue/Aqua
Race: Human

Immediate Family:

Mother: Sara Jane Sinclair (Physician: Terra)
Father: Robert Brandon Williamson (deceased)
Brother: Jacob David Williamson (Marine: Top Gun Instructor:
New Miramar)
Sister: Catherine Erin Williamson Tartintino
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Physical Appearance: SLT Serena Williamson is a tall, slender woman with deep blue eyes that border on aqua. She has light blonde hair that falls to her waist when loose, but which she wears in a braid when on duty. She keeps her body in shape with daily gymnastic workouts and her body is muscular, but very feminine.

Personality: Serena is an outgoing woman who loves to laugh and is easy to make friends wherever she goes. She has a wacky sense of humor and enjoys making up puns that drive her friends crazy. However, when on duty, Serena is an extremely serious lady. She has a soft speaking voice that makes her southern accent a pleasure to listen too. She is very even-tempered, but has a temper when around what she calls "jerks". She is able to handle herself in a fight and isnít afraid of getting hurt.

Other Pertinent Data: Serena joined the Marines after two years at the Starfleet Academy. Her father was killed on the USS KITTY HAWK during the Battle at Five Points and her older brother, whom she is very close to, is an instructor at New Miramar Top Gun Flight School so the transfer to the Marines wasnít a hard choice for her. She is an expert sharpshooter and is considered a superb pilot of both the light and heavy fighters. It was in Flight School that she became known to her crewmates as "Puma". Like the now extinct cat, Serena is considered fast, relentless and dangerous while flying either of the fighters she is qualified for.

History: Serena was born 17 September 2286 in a large log cabin in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee that has been in her family since late 20th century. As the baby of the family, Serena quickly learned to be competitive and turned into a peacemaker between her older siblings. She was close to her father and still misses him after five years and she makes it a point to keep in close contact with her family by sending vids each week.
She entered Starfleet Academy under the sponsorship of Captain Edward Burgin, an old shipmate of her fatherís and a family friend who also sponsored her brother Jacob (Jake). Like her older brother, she decided to change to the Marines after two years. This caused a rift between mother and daughter for over a year, but the relationship is fully healed now.
Serena excelled at Flight School, showing an aptitude for both light and heavy fighters. She is also classified an expert marksman and has won several medals from competitions held throughout her schooling. Her friendship with SLT "Harm" Elliott is very important to her.
Upon graduating, Serena was thrilled to be posted with her friends to the USS DANIEL BOONE, Third Fleet Marine "Kitty Hawks". Her time aboard the BOONE ended on a sad note when her father was killed at the Battle at Five Points and a week later, when a friendís parents were brutally murdered. Colonel Skip Anderson, commanding the Marines aboard the BOONE, gave her emergency leave to return to Terra.
Serena and Harm were posted to different ships after their return to active duty, but the two stayed in contact through vids and scheduling recreational leaves together. At her Commanding officerís recommendation, Serena was transferred to the USS PHOENIX NCC 2315 to serve with the 3rd Special Operations group, the Cobraís.