Name: Lieutenant Commander Llunith Tr Annhwi (Spahn)
Position: Chief Of Security
Birth World: Chi’Rihan, Romulan Empire
Age: 48 Standard Earth Years

Personal Data:

Height: 6’3" 
Weight: 175 lbs. 
Sex: Male
Hair: Black 
Eyes: Black 
Race: Romulan

Immediate Family: 

Mother: Kailia of ChiRihan, Romulan Empire
Father: CDR T’Arerre of ChiRihan, Romulan Empire
Brother: S’Lar (Twin)
Stepfather: Sherock of Perr Amarra, Vulcan
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Physical Appearance: Spahn is slender built and has a yellowish-tan complexion. His uniforms must fit perfectly and his boots shined.

Personality: Spahn is a loner at heart. He does enjoy a friendly game of poker now and then with some of his crewmates. To keep in shape he likes to participate in hand-to-hand combat. Not many crewmembers want to be his partner in this exercise. Spahn likes to keep informed by reading the latest information in intelligence manuals and weaponry. He also enjoys studying internal martial arts of old Earths past such as various forms of tai chi chuan, liu ho ba fa, pa kua chang, hsing-i and southern dragon kung fu.

Other Pertinent Data: Sphan has completed several secret undercover missions for the Federation.

History: Llunith Tr Annhwi was born in 2267 on the planet Chi'Rihan, in the Romulan Empire. Due to a blood disorder, Llunith was targeted for euthanasia by the Romulan government. Llunith’s parents did the unthinkable; they defied the Praetors orders. Hours before authorities arrived to pick up the child, family members fled taking the sickly Llunith with them. Their goal was to reach the Federation boarder where they hoped to enter and seek medical aide for their child.

They booked passage aboard an Orion blockade-runner. The Orion ship evaded Romulan boarder patrols and entered Federation space. All was well until the Orion vessel was interdicted by a Federation patrol. Unfortunately, the Orions decided to engage the patrol in battle. All was lost in the Orion ship except Llunith. The child was brought aboard the Federation vessel and treatment began for the blood disorder, which took several months to cure.

Most of Llunith’s formative years were spent on Vulcan in an educational institution near the town of Perr'Amarra. The institution housed Romulan children, mostly from the Planet Hellguard.

The years spent on Vulcan were the hardest for Llunith who, by this time, had changed his name to Spahn. A Romulan on a Vulcan world was quite noticeable. Even after years of studies learning the culture, language, logic and the Vulcan way, there was still much of his heritage to conflict with his Vulcan training. Born to a warrior race and converted to the Vulcan way has been difficult for him. Fiercely loyal to his heritage he struggled within himself.

Spahn considered a military life as the best path for him. His knowledge of the Romulan customs, language, life, and their way of thinking made Spahn an easy target for Starfleet intelligence to recruit and train.

After completing his training, his first assignment was onboard the U.S.S Exeter, then on to the Saratoga. His heritage coupled with his Vulcan training has made him a very effective officer.

However, this has caused him some discomfort. All things changed after he met his twin brother, S'lar, on Nimbus III eight years ago. After meeting his brother, Spahn finally found peace within himself. An agreement of mutual concessions was in order. His Vulcan training no longer competes with his Romulan temperament but compliments it.

Spahn's brother, S'lar, still lives inside the Romulan Empire as a member of the dreaded Romulan Imperial Intelligence; better known as the Tal Shiar.

Spahn is now the Chief Of Security on the USS Phoenix