klaw.jpg (84865 bytes) Name:  Senior Lieutenant Justin R. Klaw

Position:  Pilot, 3rd Special Operations Group
Birth World:  Sector 5 Gamma, Hogarth Mining Corp. Space Station
Age:  38 Standard Earth Years (2279)

Personal Data:

Height:  6"4"
Weight:  220
Sex:  Male
Hair:  Sandy Blonde
Eyes:  Blue
Race:  Human

Immediate Family:

Mother:  Dr. Morgan H. Klaw-Hastings
Father:  Unknown
Step-Father: Professor Conrad Fí Hastings
Half-Sister: Sophia Hastings
Marital Status:  Single
Children:  None

Physical Appearance: SLT Justin Klaw is tall, and a well-toned physique.  He takes pride in his appearance and catches the eye of many female admirers. His eyes are his best feature and was told once that they seem to see through to a bodyís soul.

Personality:  SLT Klaw is normally very friendly and outgoing.  He does like his time alone and his peers have learned to let him have it. Justin is fluent in Japanese and has studied the way of the Samurai warrior and their ethics.

History: Born on April 2, 2279, Justin R. Klaw was the product child of a love affair that ended badly. Justinís mother, Morgan Klaw, had great expectations for the man who fathered their baby, but that blossoming was not to be. He had other aspirations than to be her husband. It was doubtful the man was aware of her pregnancy for she didnít mention his name on the birth certificate. Morgan worked for Hogarth Mining Corp as an Exobiologist and resigned to raise her son alone.

In 2286 Morgan met and married Conrad Hastings. He had just transferred to Hogarth as a Minor and Geophysicists. Conrad took to 7 year-old Justin and the feeling was mutral considering that Justin was hungry for a male roll model. The entire family made a trip to Pacifica and fell in love with the ocean planet. Conrad and Morgan promised each other that someday they would settle on Pacifica.

In 2289 Morgan gave birth to Justinís half sister Sophia. At this time Conrad approached Morgan with the idea of adopting Justin and giving him his last name. She declined the offer, but couldnít explain why.

2292, Conrad secured a position with Pacifica Science Ministry. It was a dream come true. The family packed up everything and moved into their new home.

At age 13, Justin asked the question that Morgan had hoped would never be asked. Justin wanted to know who his real father was. She related a few things to him, but would not reveal his name. Morgan tried to make Justin see that Conrad was his true father and he should accept what was given to him. Justin never brought up the subject again.

When Justin was 16 he had a run in with a shark while on vacation with the family. This incident would change his life. Major Cloverton and his Marines pulled Justin from the water while they patrolled the coast. The look on his motherís face when she met the Cloverton was shock. Justin didnít miss the look and later confronted Morgan. "Is he my father?" Morgan sank into a chair her face pale. She could no longer deny her son. "Yes," she replied.

When Justin turned 18 he joined Starfleet. Morgan pleaded for him to let go of this whim, but he had made up his mind. The family saw him off at the Pacifica Spaceport and before he embarked for San Francisco Morgan whispered in his ear, "No Marines! Theyíll break your heart every time."

During Justinís freshman year in Starfleet he had not picked a major. As he scanned the list of disciplines, he came across "Marines". He knew all along in his heart what he wanted to do. As he presented his choice to the councilor adjutant, he thought, "Sorry mom, but if you could see me now!"

The USS PHOENIX is SLT Justin Klawís current assignment.