COL Horn.jpg (75670 bytes) Name: Colonel Lewis Theodore Horn
Position: Group Commander, 3rd Special Operations Group
Birth World: New Arizona Earth
Age: 45 Standard Earth Years (2270)

Personal Data:

Height: 6í
Weight: 170 lbs.
Sex: Male
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Pale Blue
RACE: Human

Immediate Family:

Mother: Jennifer Ann Horn (Deceased)
Father: Theodore Tyler Horn (Deceased)
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Physical Appearance: COL Lewis T. Horn is considered a very handsome man, and is seldom without female companionship. He seems, however, to shy away from any personal commitments. Because of his earlier years of illness, he keeps himself in top physical shape. He expects his crew to do the same.

Personality: Three words amply describe his personality: calm, cool, and collected. He is ready at a momentís notice to confront trying situations, holding his emotions in check. He is always in full command of his faculties in distracting situations. He has a unique ability to remain unruffled in times of stress. According to his psyche profile, Horn is a loner. Soft spoken and slow to anger, he has a reputation of being a good man to have around in a tight spot--so much so that his classmates at the Academy hung the moniker "Iceman" on him years ago, a nickname that has lasted to this day.

He is well liked by his team. He has a soft spot for his group and wouldnít hesitate to give his life to save any one of them. He enjoys a good scotch and a good game of poker during his off-duty hours.

Other Pertinent Data: Lewis Theodore Horn hates his name.

History: Lewis Theodore Horn was the only child of Theodore and Jennifer Horn. The Horns wanted a large family, but it wasnít meant to be. Jennifer suffered through two miscarriages before she gave birth to Lewis on June 5, 2270. As an infant, Lewis was a sickly child. At the age of four his health seemed to improve. Theodore Horn kept his distance from his son, seeing him as a weakling and an embarrassment to his own manhood. Theodoreís brother, Lewis, for whom he named his son, fathered three sons and two daughters--all very healthy. Theodore was ashamed to have produced such a sickly child.

His fatherís coldness didnít escape Lewisí attention. He did everything he could to stay out of his fatherís way. Jennifer, on the other hand, doted on Lewis, causing a wedge to grow between her and her husband. There were occasions when she had to literally place herself between her husband and her son when Theodore had too much to drink. He was "a mean drunk," frequently threatening and, at times, following through with physical abuse.

Since the Hornís home was close to the mountains of Arizona. Lewis and his dog, "Shag," would explore the hills on weekends. During one of his trips to the Camelback Mountains when he was 12, he met a camper by the name of "Hack" with whom he became friends. Through the years the retired Marine became a surrogate father to him. Lewis enjoyed sitting and listening to Hackís tales of his life in the Marines and in Starfleet. Lewis also learned some important survival techniques from Hack that placed him in good stead in later years.

When Lewis was sixteen his father was killed in an accident. Lewis was suddenly required to take on the mantle of "head of the household." He took several after-school jobs to help support his mother. Jennifer took a job babysitting some Starfleet officerís children. It was during this period that Lewis decided what he wanted to do with his life. When he told Hack that he wanted to join the Marines, the older man was pleased. In fact, he gave Lewis some sound advice on where to sign up.

At the age of eighteen, Lewis headed for the Magna Roma Marine Base. This was the same base where Hack had begun his career. Jennifer was 100% behind her sonís decision. Through the years of Marine training, Lewis kept in close contact with Hack and on occasions would visit him when home on leave.

As years passed, Lewis Horn made a name for himself in the Marines. He volunteered for the most dangerous special assignments, putting his life on the line many times. He seemed to be trying to prove to his dead father that he was not a weakling, but a strong, healthy, and robust man. He was trying to prove it to himself also. On one of these missions Lewis was badly injured and spent several weeks in the Magna Roma Military Hospital. There he met Diana Varro, a volunteer aide. Her heart went out to this lonely soldier and, by the time he left the hospital, the two had become good friends. When he returned to duty, Lewis lost track of the "dark haired lady with the bluest eyes Iíve had ever seen." He often wondered if she had ever fulfilled her dream of joining Starfleet.

LCOL Lewis T. Horn had become a top pilot and leader in the Marines. It was no surprise to his team that he was quickly promoted to Colonel and made Commander of the 3rd Special Operations Group, the Cobras. Leading a group of Marines had been his goal ever since his first day at training school.

COL Horn began training his Marine pilots immediately. When they met his exacting standards, he pronounced them ready for deployment. The 3rd SOG was immediately assigned to the new EXCELSIOR-class Fleet Action Coordination vessel, USS PHOENIX (NCC-2315).