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The Operations Department is charged with the navigation and steering of the ship; communication within the ship, and with those organizations such as Starfleet Headquarters which are located at a distance; with interpretation of unknown signals; and with operating and maintaining all shuttlecraft assigned to the ship. As a Fleet-action Coordination Vessel, USS PHOENIX has been outfitted with a Ship’s Mobile Intelligence Gathering and Evaluation Nexus (SMIDGEN). Intelligence personnel assigned to SMIDGEN provide extensive intelligence-gathering and interpretation capabilities.

Lieutenant Commander Alice Claire McConnell
        Chief Operations Officer

Lieutenant JG Leslie Parker
        Assistant Operations Officer

Lieutenant Commander Seabrook
        Chief Intelligence Officer

Lieutenant JG Augustus Boethius Severinus
        Intelligence Officer

Lieutenant Robert Alan Spenser
        Assistant Intelligence Officer

Lieutenant Laurence Anthony Stewart
        Assistant Intelligence Officer

LTJG Pyrebon
        Chief Helmsman

LTJG Lisa Boldain
        Chief Navigator

Lieutenant Adam Brannon
        Shuttle Operations Officer

Ensign Saul Henry Ford ("T-Bird")
        Assistant Shuttle Maintenance Officer

Lieutenant Sidney Walker
        Senior Communications Officer