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Name: SLT Kai'Ckul "Cobalt" Zawadi
Position: Pilot, 3rd Special Operations Group
Birth World: Andoria
Age: 40 in Earth years

Personal Data:

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 198 lbs
Sex: Male
Hair: White
Eyes: Grey
Race: Andorian

Immediate Family:

Adopted Father: Baba Kale (Kenya, Terra)
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Physical Appearance: SLT Kai'Ckul is a tall blue skinned, white haired Andorian with intense features. He has piercing eyes and rarely smiles.

Personality: Kai'Ckul is a private person. Inside, a war of 20 years still rages on and even though it shows on his face, he keeps its details to himself and doesn't even hint about it. He is entirely trust worthy and like all Andorians, Kai'Ckul prides himself on his work and accomplishments. As far as who he trusts, Kai'Ckul has seen good men and women turn on their closest comerades, yet he knows that the people he works with are admirable and true and trusts them with his life. As stated before, Kai'Ckul has many demons locked inside him, and no one knows what he's seen or the things he's lived through, but he keeps them closed away from all outsiders. It definitely shows.

History: Almost 40 years ago, an Andorian child was taken from his home-world by slavers and traded to pirates. The pirates' vessel was damaged in a skirmish and crash landed on Terra on a Swahili reservation in Kenya. Only the child survived that crash and it was raised by an old man named Baba Kale. Baba Kale believed in the old ways of his people, and he kept the reservation as close to the old ways as he could. He named the Andorian child Kai'Ckul Zawadi which means "God's Gift." Andoria is a glacial planet, so the young years of this Andorian weren't easy. He was filled with rage and only become calm when he could lower his body's temperatures during such an outburst. Baba Kale taught Kai'Ckul meditations to regulate his rage and other effects the heat had over him. As Kai'Ckul grew, he ventured off of the reservation to learn about who he was and where he came from. That journey led him to join the Academy with dreams of reaching the stars and eventually the planet he came from. Following the academy, Kai'Ckul served as Ensign in the Security Division aboard the USS Lexington. During an away mission ordered by the Captain of that ship, Kai'Ckul was captured by the enemy and held prisoner for several years. When he was released, he returned to service but as a Marine in the 3rd Special Ops under Col. Lewis Theodore Hom. That unit is currently stationed on the USS Phoenix.