Maavasa.jpg (155317 bytes) Name:  Senior Lieutenant Tasi Maavasa
Position: Marine, 3 S.O.G.
Birth World:  Earth
Age:  28 Standard Earth Years (2286)

Personal Data:

Height:  6’4"   
Weight: 270 lbs.  
Sex: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown 
Race: Human

Immediate Family: 

Mother: Puna Maavasa
Father:  Iosefa Maavasa (retired Master Sergeant)
Marital Status: Married: Tehani Kealoha
Children: Three: two boys and one girl

Physical Appearance: SLT Maavasa is a huge individual, often described as a human tree trunk. He is dark-skinned with short curly black hair. He is also very proud of his perfect teeth. He sports a tattoo of a vine around his left bicep.

Personality: Despite SLT Maavasa’s imposing appearance, he is very patient and well educated. He speaks well, but likes to hang with the boys. He enjoys a good barbeque with folks from the pacific islands. He thrives on outdoor activities, especially contact sports. Above all, SLT Maavasa likes the simple life and dislikes politics and complex problems. He will usually like to take a direct approach to issues. However, he is quite forgiving and has a good sense of humor. SLT Maavasa is fiercely protective of his family and will sacrifice anything to give them a good life. A personality quirk that he has is that he likes to wear sunglasses everywhere, even when it may not be appropriate.

Other Pertinent Data: SLT Maavasa was third in the 2213 Starfleet bench press competition. A Klingon warrior refused to belief he was human because he was so intimidating.

History: SLT Maavasa was born in Pago Pago, Samoa. His family relocated to San Diego, California when he was young. He married shortly after high school and began a family. His motivation to join Starfleet as a marine was prompted by his desire to provide a good life for his family. He attended the Marine commissioning school and opted for assignments off-world. Maavasa is from a warrior family and felt the need to live up to his father. He requested and received several high-risks assignments. Maavasa always performed well and was rewarded by being given an assignment to the USS Phoenix.