Elliot.jpg (117169 bytes) Name: SLT Jeffrey Harmon Elliott ("Harm")
Position: Pilot, 3rd Special Operations Group (Assault Craft)
Birth World: New America, Mars Colony
Age: 33

Personal Data:

Height: 6’4"
Weight: 210 lbs.
Sex: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Gray
Race: Human

Immediate Family:

Mother: Teresa Annette Harmon- Psychologist: USS Excelsior
Father: Joseph Andrew Elliot Forensic Pathologist: Starfleet: San Diego Hospital: Terra (Divorced)
Brother: Twin: Jackson Daniel Elliot (Marine: First Fleet)
Marital Status: Divorced
Children: None

Physical Appearance: SLT Harm Elliott is tall and trim, his muscular physique not apparent unless one sees him shirtless in the gym where he is constantly exercising and boxing. His eyes are gray and reflect his mood: lighter when he is happy, darker gray almost black when he is angry. He has black hair and has been known to see how long he can wear it before his commanding officer notices.

Other Pertinent Data: Harm is a quiet man who enjoys his friends and a drink at the end of a long day. He doesn’t like to be called his name, preferring his nickname and has been known to "persuade" anyone who calls him Harmon twice that they really want to adhere to his wishes. His family is scattered, but he does keep in touch regularly and is very close to his twin brother, Jack. Harm adopted "Bulldog" as his call name one day soon after meeting Serena Williamson when he chose to return to Flight School and learn to fly the heavy fighter. She was his partner and got frustrated with him one day when he refused to return to base when the fighter they were assigned developed a problem and called him a bulldog, saying he refused to give up. The name and the friendship worked out and they have been friends for several years. He is very protective of Serena and as gotten into several "discussions" when a male has hassled her throughout their friendship. He will only speak about his marriage to his closest friends.

History: Harm arrived 10 minutes after his twin brother Jack was born in New America on New Mars on 25 December 2282, but the family returned to Terra when his parents first separated, then divorced when the twins were 10. He and his brother have always shared the bond that twins often have and "know" when the other is hurt. When Harm was 18 he eloped with his high school sweetheart, Nancy and the marriage worked until he decided to transfer to the Marines instead of becoming a physician as he had planned. Arguments between the two grew increasingly more bitter and hurtful until she filed for divorce just prior to his graduating from Flight School. Harm considers his failed marriage a personal failure: he was determined to make his marriage work where his parents had failed.

After being wounded his first assignment out, Harm decided to take a break and qualify as a heavy fighter pilot and it was there that he met Serena. He enjoys her friendship and considers her like a sister. He has always made the effort to keep in touch with her after they were assigned to different ships.

At his commanding officer’s urging, Harm put in a request for a tour of duty with the 3rd Special Operations Group, which were to be stationed aboard the USS PHOENIX NCC 2315. His request was granted.