Donati.jpg (69444 bytes) Name: SLT Rebecca Selena Donati
Position: Pilot, 3 S.O.G., "Cobras"
Birth World: Tarus IV, New Albuquerque
Age: 21 Standard Earth Years (2294)

Personal Data:

Height: 5’ 7"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Sex: Female
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Race: Human/Romulan

Immediate Family:

Mother: CDR Miranda Sternlowe, CMO, USS SALK
Father: RADM Bo Donati, Chief of Security, Third Fleet
Stepmother: ADM Alisha Black-Donati, Chief of Staff, Third Fleet
Brother: MIPN Marcus Donati, Starfleet Academy
Aunt: CDR Adria Donati, Asst. COE, Aldeberan Ship Yards
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Physical Appearance: SLT Rebecca Donati bears only slight hints of her dual heritage. Only the arch of her eyebrows and the tips of her pointed ears betray her Romulan ancestry. Rebecca has short hair and light blue eyes.

Personality: SLT Donati is a very serious officer who never settles for second best. She is seeking an existence of her own apart from the career shadows of her family. The lieutenant enjoys the camaraderie of the Marine Corps and spends most of her "off duty" time interacting with them. She also enjoys strenuous physical workouts in the ship’s gymnasium to keep her toned body in peak physical shape.

History: Rebecca Selena Donati was born on the colony world Tarus IV in the settlement of New Albuquerque. Two years later Captain Bo Donati "retired" and joined the family there. A year later Marcus was born. Their quiet family life was disrupted when Bo Donati was requested to return to active duty. Once her father was made captain of the USS LEXINGTON, his relationship with Rebecca’s mother evaporated.

Rebecca was proud of her father and was determined to follow him into space. Commander Sternlowe realized that she too missed her life in Starfleet. She also returned to active duty, accepting a posting as senior surgeon in the Medical Department on Starbase 27.

As the years went on, Rebecca and her brother became interwoven into the Starfleet family. Rebecca studied for two years at Starfleet Academy before transferring to the Marines. Donati became a model Marine, a tenacious fighter, superb pilot and very loyal to her fellow officers in the corps. On the recommendation of her commanding officer and her instructors, SLT Donati was given the opportunity to join the elite Third Special Operations Group. Donati eagerly accepted and was immediately given the order to join Colonel Horn’s detachment aboard the USS PHOENIX.