Ship's Log
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Phoenix Rising
Intruder Alert!
Enya By Starlight
Black Ice
The HanI’Rhy Mystery
Passion Fruit
The Object
Tombstone Trek
City Under Glass
The Witch Hunt
Turn Off the Lights
Flying Cloud
What The Hell's...
Survival Of The Fittest
On The Edge
Shore Leave
Melissa Wells
The Listening Post
The Artifact
The Darkness Within
Let The Games Begin
Enemy Action
Here's Mud In Your Eye
The Tungsten Factor
Sicilian Defense
When Worlds Collide
Color Of Justice
The Gin Joint
It's About Time
The Willow Race


The Ship’s Log is a written record of the events, which occur on a mission. Each mission undertaken by USS PHOENIX is chronicled in the words, actions, and feelings of her crew. The details of those missions are listed in chronological order,  to the left, from the ship’s first mission, PHOENIX Rising, to the latest.

Click on the title of a mission to be taken to the Mission Prologue. The Prologue provides the starting point for the action―it "sets the stage" for individual submissions. Since each crewmember creates his or her own plot and uses his or her own character, as well as other crewmembers’ characters, to tell a story, the number of possible endings to a particular mission is as varied as the crewmembers themselves.

The individual stories written by the PHOENIX crew to complete the mission are listed following that Prologue. Click on a name to read that individual’s contribution.