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You’ve reached the home page of Starships of the Third Fleet. We hope you enjoy your visit. There’s a great deal of information on this site and, at first, navigating around might seem confusing. So here’s a quick rundown on what you’ll find.

Across the top of the page, there are 10 links: Starships of the Third Fleet, What’s New, FAQs, Departments, Ship’s Log, Ship’s Specs, Worlds and Lifeforms, Ambassadors, Honor Roll and Acknowledgements. Clicking on any one of these will take you to another page. The contents of each of those pages are:

STARSHIPS OF THE THIRD FLEET: Returns you to the main page.

WHAT’S NEW: A chronological listing of modifications or additions to the site. Check it each time you visit to see if anything’s changed since your last visit.

FAQs: Have a question about Starships of the Third Fleet, its milieu, or USS PHOENIX (NCC-2315)? Here’s where you’ll find all the answers.

COMPUTER LIBRARY: Who are the commanding officers of the ships assigned to Third Fleet? What is the definition of “Restricted Maneuverability Zone?” Where is the Chief Science Officer in the chain of command aboard a ship? When was the white paper, The Future Fleet Revisited, published? How is the usual starship, starbase or starstation organized? The answers to these questions (and thousands more) can be found in the Computer Library section. You’ll find a cornucopia of information everywhere you look. Check back often to see what has been added.

DEPARTMENTS: Here you will find each of the eight departments aboard USS PHOENIX listed: Command, Operations, Engineering, Science, Medical, Security, Logistics and the Marines (3rd Special Operations Group). Each department has its own page. To go to that department’s page, simply click on the name. Each page lists the characters in that department and their job. Clicking on a name will take you to that character’s biography sheet. There you will find a physical description of the character, his or her personality, a short history and a portrait.

SHIP’S LOG: Here you will find the complete text of every mission that the PHOENIX has completed in chronological order. Click on the mission title and you will go to the Prologue for that mission. From there you can read each story simply by clicking on the character’s name.

PERSONAL LOG: Short stories, tales, personal logs and even scuttlebutt from the Rec Deck are submissions by members of this writers group. There may be a connection to both past and/or future missions when completed. There may also be no connection at all. It is plausible that future submissions could evolve into a series of short stories.

YESTERDAYS: Missions from the past 12 years of SS3F, prior to the launch of the USS Phoenix.

SHIP’S SPECS: It can be difficult to picture where a scene is taking place aboard a ship as large as the PHOENIX, so we’ve put in a number of illustrations which show what the different compartments and consoles look like. In addition, there are pictures of the shuttlecraft and the Work Bee craft aboard.

WORLDS AND LIFEFORMS: This is where you’ll find information on the planets and lifeforms which are important to Starships of the Third Fleet. This information serves as a reference tool for both our writers and our readers.

AMBASSADORS: Starships of the Third Fleet is proud to have support and recognition by some "stellar" individuals. From artist to astronaut, you’ll find them here. We’ve also provided important links for you to follow elsewhere on the Internet.

HONOR ROLL: As Earth recognizes those astronauts and cosmonauts who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the exploration of space, we too recognize our own heroes and heroines. Each character who is no longer with us is listed in alphabetical order, giving the mission in which he/she was lost.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: Creating Starships of the Third Fleet and its epoch with all the required details to make it as realistic as possible was not accomplished by one person alone. To find out who contributed what, just click on this button.

Take your time looking around. Enjoy your visit. If you have questions, comments about the site, suggestions for improvement, or feedback about our missions, please send me an e-mail. by clicking on this link: Captain T.E. Lawrence.

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