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All blueprints of The Nest and ship quarters were created by Paul Hollingsworth.

All artwork created for character’s aboard the USS PHOENIX was accomplished by Karl Cole and colored by Adam Brannon.

Linda Olsen created the Jirzzaque alien.

Eric Wick created the Jirzzaque anatomy

3D ship, shuttle and workbee rendering by Adam Brannon

Agent Omega artwork for "Black Ice" was created by Ron Taylor.

Sk're'en artwork for "The Object" created by Karl Cole and modified by Adam Brannon.

Spindizzy race created by Paul Hollingsworth

Spindizzy artwork modified and colored by Adam Brannon

Karl Cole created cover sheets for missions "City Under Glass", "Will the Last One Out Please Turn Off the Lights?" and "Trekkin" and were modified by Adam Brannon.

"Malxugoran" artwork for "Will the Last One Out Please Turn Off the Lights?" created by Karl Cole.