It's About Time
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Mission 37 : IT'S ABOUT TIME


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After the Phoenix limped back to Flying Cloud and Ensign Sheila Patterson was turned over to Starfleet Security, the crew was assigned quarters and awaited orders.

Captain Lawrence looked around the room and back to the bed where she had unpacked a few things for her trip to bury Jade. Warm jacket, trousers, and a couple of shirts should do it. TE hoped the Phoenix would be ready for space within two weeks and she was anxious to get back into the saddle, so to speak. Enough of the resting and the crew watching her like a hawk as though she was some frail person that was going to collapse any moment. She knew they were only worried, but damn it, enough was enough.

Vice Admiral Alisha Black looked up from her desk. A smile formed on her lips. "Captain Lawrence, how good to see you. You had us very worried there for a while."

"Believe me Admiral Black, I was very worried myself. I donít think I would have made it without the best CMO in Starfleet. She worked miracles with what little she had on hand."

"Oh, she is the talk on Flying Cloud. Now, I suppose you are here to see Admiral Evans."

"Yes sir, I have some questions on my ship and how long she will be tied up for repairs."

"Let me notify him you are here." Black pressed the comm. button on her desk. "Admiral, Captain Lawrence to see you."

"Send her in."

"Go right in captain. And again it is wonderful to see you up and around."

"Thank you, sir." Lawrence turned and headed for Danielís office.

Admiral Daniel Evans was coming around his desk when TE entered the room. "Come here." He said with arms out stretched. He enclosed her in a bear hug. When he released her, he looked her in the face. "You look pale. Are you feeling better? Here, sit down." He led her to a chair in front of his desk. TE was like a daughter to him in fact he was her godfather. Her father was his best friend and he looked after TE after her parents were killed in a shuttle accident.

"Iím fine, Daniel. In fact I want to know when my ship will be ready for deployment. Iím ready to get back to work. Iím bored stiff. Think maybe two weeks or less sheíll be ready to go?" She knew she could only address the Admiral as Daniel when they were alone.

Evans leaned against his desk. "Are you kidding? Do you know how much damage has to be repaired? The Phoenix will take at least a month in dry-dock and thatís pushing it."

Lawrence stood up. "A month? No, thatís too long, Daniel, canít you add more help?"

"No I canít, Tanya and I wouldnít if I couldÖbecause"

"You need to help! I need your help! What am I going to do for a month?" She interrupted.

"You are going to do what your crew is going to do, take a much needed shore leave. The last few missions have pushed all of you to the limit. And you, young lady, need to recoup. So, thatís exactly what you are going to do." His voice turned a bit gruff.

TE opened her mouth to protest, but Daniel pointed his finger at her, which meant she better not push it.

"Shore leave it is! Itís about time!"