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Starships of the Third Fleet has been in existence for almost two decades. During that time, there have been 13 ships assigned to Third Fleet and more than 250 crewmembers have been aboard one or more of those ships.

For the first 12 years, missions were submitted via snail mail, put into booklets by Fleet Admiral Brannon and Vice Admiral Alisha Black, and mailed out to all members of the ship to which they were assigned. Some of those members are still along for the ride.

Yesterdays is a collection of stories written in the past by current members of USS PHOENIX while they were assigned other ships. In some of them you can get a glimpse of a PHOENIX character in his or her earlier career; in others you will make the acquaintance of other characters who populated Starships of the Third Fleet at one time or another. Each story’s author is identified by his or her current character’s name.

So sit back, grab a tall glass of cold water (or Saurian brandy if you’ve been able to get some), and enjoy a little bit of history.