Shore Leave
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Mission 21: SHORE LEAVE


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Captainís Log:

There is a lot of tension aboard ship. Weíve had several fisticuffs and some have been placed in the brig for disobeying orders from a superior. My crew is tired and over worked and a shore leave is most welcomed. The battle with the Jirzzaques took its toll and I, myself, am looking forward to getting off ship for awhile and on sound land. Admiral Daniel Evans has been kind enough to grant a month R&R for my crew while the PHOENIX is under repairs and restocked.

I have just finished the last communication to the family of lost crewmembers. Itís one of the hardest duties I must fulfill. It saddens me greatly and I miss my fellow crewmates.

My plans are to take Jade on an outing on Enya. She needs to be out of her cage and get some sunshine and exercise. In fact I need the same thing. I look forward to roaming some country spots and maybe a bit of horseback riding. There is a cabin in the foothills that a close friend has offered for my use when Iím on leave. I think Jade and I will spend some time there.

End log.