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Mission 24: NOSTALGIA


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The Starfleet officers, easily the most durable, the most steadfast of those who choose a life in space, nevertheless are humanoid and subject to the same frailties that humanoids are subject to. Over a century ago, Starfleet Medical recognized the space problems that must be addressed by career officers in space. Since that time, all Starfleet crews on extended missions are required to undergo periodic psychological evaluations by "outside personnel," usually the medical personnel from a starbase in the forward area.

So, following the disastrous encounter with the Jirzzaque (Blindsided), a murder on board ship (Who Killed Melissa Wells), and engaging the Romulans (A Listening Post), it was a foregone conclusion that once again the evaluation teams would be delving into the psyche of the crew, stirring up old memories, some pleasant, some not so pleasant. Frequently during these sessions, experiences long thought to be forgotten are brought to the conscious mind. So it has been with the PHOENIX crew. A feeling of homesickness… A longing for something far away… A yearning to go back to one’s homeland… That’s how Webster defines NOSTALGIA. The crew has a lot of things to think about as they journey to Starbase Flying Cloud for a short leave period before the starship continues her Trek in space.