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Mission 14: TREKKINí

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Captainís Log: 0900 Ė Tuesday

The planet Enigma has been issued "off-limits" for all Starfleet ships. A warning buoy has been launched to ward off any ships that happen into the area.

The first thing I did when we reached Starbase Flying Cloud was to visit Jade and take her for a run. She was full of energy. I really missed her. The second thing I did was have dinner with Daniel and catch up on the latest news.

Admiral Evans has granted an extended shore leave while the PHOENIX is being repaired, upgraded and restocked. It is well deserved by my crew for they have performed above the call of duty. Iím so proud of them.

I enjoy being on the ground, but only for short periods. I imagine that Ashe feels the same way when heís not on some new planet, in their jungles, looking for plants to create new medicines. It will be nice to see him for itís been a long stretch.

End Log