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Just what does the Lotian problem have to do with the operations of the PHOENIX? Well, during the last "report" of the "syndicate", they reported that one of the mobs may have come across a crystalline material that seems to absorb light. They werenít sure what this crystal was. But, Admiral Daniel Evans and Starfleet knew what it sounded like. Candescium! No one in the "Syndicate" had ever heard the word. Lotiaís status as a Federation protectorate provides special problems for those who go planetside. As a new protectorate, Federation law shields Lotiansí from further interference in their culture. The possible introduction of the material Candescium is a violation of their protectorate status. As such, any Candescium located must be declared contraband and confiscated. Alien traffickers must be arrested, removed from the star system and prosecuted in Federation courts. Since the PHOENIX is presently docked at Flying Cloud, Captain TE Lawrence has been assigned the mission.

Captainís Ready Room:

Captain Lawrence scanned the group seated before her. There was an air of excitement in the room. After dealing with the bird creatures of Avogaj everyone was happy to be on to something new.

"I have received that one of the Lotia mobs may have gained access to the crystalline Candescium. We have dealt with this material before so we know the dangerous potential it has."

"This crystal seems to show up a bit too much to keep it a Federation secret." LCDR Alice McConnell spoke up.

"We just dealt with the death of a Translucian on Catis IV because of Candescium not long ago, Captain." Added LCDR TíPel.

"Ok folks, it has been thrown in our laps so letís get on with it. Admiral Evans has assigned us to this task and we will investigate. You know the harm that could be done if this crystal gets into the wrong hands. We are to go undercover into the Lotia society and find the person or personsí who brought the crystal to their planet and find the Candescium before it disappears. There is a person on Lotia that knows we are coming. He has setup a meeting place for us in a bar he owns called The Blue Parrot. It is located on Luciano Street. That will be our rendezvous point. All personnel are to be involved in this mission. There is a lot of territory to canvas so spread out and pick up any information you can. Replicate clothing for that era and be ready to board the Starliner USS King Charles tomorrow morning at 0800. Horn and Spahn, you and your teams should work the places outside of town. But, watch your back because it is rather ruff in those areas. Any questions?" TE finished.

"Iím a doctor captain, not a floozy." Kora Natevera blurted out.

The room filled with laughter. They knew that Kora was a friend of McCoy.

"Letís do it!" Lawrence said as she left the room with a big smile on her face.