Melissa Wells
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Mission 22:


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"Are you happy to be back aboard, Captain?" Asked Stryker as he sipped a cup of coffee. The bridge was quiet tonight. Everyone was busy at their stations or in quiet conversations.

Lawrence looked up from the PADD she was signing and smiled. "It amazes me how much I missed being out here in space when not too long ago I just felt I had to get off this ship before I went crazy. Guess Iíll always feel that the PHOENIX is my home and, like anyone whoís been on vacation, Iím happy to get back."

"Bridge, Chief Security Officer." MoníTeithís voice came over the intercom.

"Captain, speaking."

"Captain, Iím in the botanical gardens; I think you better get down here."

Lawrence gave a quick glance at Wolf, who shrugged his shoulders. "On my way. Stryker, you have the Conn."

When Lawrence entered the botanical gardens, she saw a group of people standing around one of the larger pools. MoníTeith had a security team around the perimeter of the pool. TE elbowed her way through the crowd. One crewmember pushed another out of the way when he saw the captain heading their way. As TE stepped pass a security guard, she could see a body floating among the Sacred Lotus plants in the pool. It was a female with blonde hair. She was lying face down and the water around her was red with blood.

"All right folks! Clear the area! Those two standing over there found the body, Captain."

The crowd began to move off muttering back and forth to each other as they left the area.

"Do you know who it is?"

"I didnít want to touch anything until Dr. Natevera checked her out."

"Good idea."

At that moment Kora Natevera, the shipís Chief Medical Officer, arrived with two corpsmen following behind.

"Well, well, what have we here?" Kora asked as she surveyed the scene.

"Nothing good I can tell you, Doc." Lawrence commented.

"Letís see what weíve got. Stan, Kirby, take her out of the pool."

The two men stepped into the water. One took the womanís arms and the other her feet. When they placed her face up on the ground Captain Lawrence gasped.

"My God, thatís Ensign Melissa Wells from Logistics. Sheís our Recreation Officer!"

Kora squatted down to get a better look. "This woman has had her throat slit, Captain. You can rule out an accident. She was murdered. I wonít know more until I get her back to medical." Kora stood up. "We have a killer aboard the ship, TE."