Phoenix Rising
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Mission #1: Phoenix Rising

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USS PHOENIX (NCC-2315) is the newest starship in Third Fleet. It is an upgraded EXCELSIOR-class Fleet Action Coordination vessel (a Heavy Cruiser specially outfitted to perform command and control functions for a Battle Force or a Task Force), and has been officially turned over to Starfleet by her builders. The ship is presently docked at Starbase Flying Cloud, a Type-79 Clipper Ship-class starbase in orbit around Enya, fourth planet of the Sabrena’s "i" star system in the Third Quadrant. Commissioning ceremonies were completed a week ago and the permanent crew is reporting aboard.

This is an exciting time for the new crew of USS PHOENIX. Not only do they have to learn their way around the ship, but they must also check and double-check the equipment, meet new people (both peers and senior officers), and begin the sometimes daunting task of becoming a team instead of just a collection of individuals who happen to be in the same place at the same time.

According to the schedule published by Commander, Third Fleet, USS PHOENIX will move from J-Dock (inside the giant docking bay of Starbase Flying Cloud) to Mooring Buoy 15, 100 kilometers away from the starbase, in six weeks. There the crew will prepare the ship for its shakedown cruise.