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Name: Lieutenant Robert Alan Spenser
Position: Assistant Intelligence Officer
Birth World: Daran V
Age: 34 Standard Earth Years (2281)

Personal Data:

Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Sex: Male
Hair: Brown 
Eyes: Brown
Race: Human

Immediate Family:

Mother: Connie Spenser (Retired nurse)
Father: Alan Spenser (Retired Starbase Security Officer)
Brother: Thomas Spenser (Deceased)
Sisters: Elaine & Katherine Spenser (Own a uniform shop)
Marital Status: Single
Children: None 

Physical Appearance: LT Robert A. Spenser is naturally muscular. How he maintains his body in such good shape is a mystery to most people, since he considers a workout in the gym as "cruel and unjust punishment." He loves to cook almost as much as he loves to eat. No matter how much he eats he doesn't gain weight, a trait, which does little to endear him to others.

Personality: "Spenser," as his peers call him, enjoys practical jokes, much to the dismay of those who bear the brunt of his escapades. He is a very likeable person, but his exuberance can wear thin. Other than cooking, Spenser enjoys women, dancing, and a good glass of whiskey, in that order. He can dance all night long, and often will, his natural physical abilities and good looks keeping him in constant demand as a dance partner. He can nurse one drink all night and has never been drunk. Getting him drunk has become the goal of many of his friends, but so far he has won every time. Spenser makes light of dangerous situations, using humor to diffuse the tension. It is a habit, which has often resulted in a closed-door discussion with superiors, who tend not to appreciate his light-hearted approach. Spenser is well liked by his crewmates and is trusted by his superiors to get the job done right the first time. 

Other Pertinent Data: Spenser's "home-cooked meals" are legendary. An invitation to one of his famous "Happenings" is never refused. His favorite recipe, Spenser's Peanut Butter Fudge, is a big hit with his crewmates and he will often drop off a big platter full at unexpected times and places throughout the ship.

History: Robert Alan Spenser was the fourth child of Alan and Connie Spenser. Doctors had told Connie she would not be able to bear any more children following the difficult delivery of her third child, Katherine. But two years later, she found out that she was three months pregnant. Alan and Connie often referred to Robert has their "Miracle Baby." His sisters doted on him and carried him around with them as though he was their own baby.

Robert was a good student and sailed through school. When he graduated high school his father decided to sit down and have a father-to-son talk about Robert's future. Robert had been fascinated with his father's job as a security guard on Daran VI and had thoughts of following in his father's footsteps. Deep down, however, Robert knew he wanted something more exciting. Alan Spenser was not exactly thrilled when his son informed he that he was seriously been thinking going into Starfleet Intelligence. Alan tried to talk his son out of it, but in the end stood behind Robert's decision.

Robert found Starfleet Academy to be a more difficult challenge than he had thought. The hazing from the senior cadets wasn't so bad, but he was constantly challenged by the academics. After many late-night study sessions and tutoring from others in his class, Robert graduated. He wasn't at the top of his class, but he wasn't at the bottom either. During his third year at the Academy, like all other cadets, Robert was asked to declare a major. His reply, "Intelligence," was viewed with some disbelieve by the Academy's counselors, but they agreed to allow him to take the aptitude test, confident that this brash young man with the flippant attitude would never pass. To everyone's surprise but Robert's, his results indicated he would be an excellent Intelligence Officer. The interviewer from Starfleet Intelligence commented that "this young man has a natural affinity for intelligence work seldom seen in someone of his age. With dedication and hard work, Robert Spenser should develop into a top-notch Intelligence Officer. He is highly recommended for further training in the field." Robert had the dedication and did the hard work.

As soon as he graduated, he was sent into the field for covert operations. His tour as a Field Operator was very successful, although most of his service record is classified due to the nature of his assignments. His last mission, however, came close to being a disaster through no fault of Spenser's. Starfleet Intelligence decided that his next assignment should be somewhere he could recover, but still maintain his edge. The Assistant Intelligence Officer for the SMIDGEN aboard USS PHOENIX was the ideal solution.