Name: Lieutenant Commander Seabrook
Position: Chief Intelligence Officer
Birth World: Pern
Age: 44 Standard Earth Years

Personal Data:

Height: 6’2"
Weight: 205 lbs.  
Sex: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Race: Termusian

Physical Appearance: Seabrook is tall and remains slender no matter how much he eats. His black hair, which he wears longer than Starfleet regulations allow, is turning grey around his ears and temples and curls slightly at the ends, which irritates him. His dark brown eyes are seldom still and usually have a sparkle to them. His large hands and long fingers are uncommonly strong and flexible and he is exceptionally dexterous. He has prominent laugh lines around his eyes and the corners of his mouth.

Personality: In contrast to many members of Starfleet Intelligence, Seabrook seems to break into a booming, infectious laugh at the drop of a hat. He is always ready to sing, play one of the many musical instruments in his repertoire, tell a riveting story, or share a glass of Chablis. However, he can be deathly serious if the situation warrants. He seldom talks about his mysterious past.

Other Pertinent Data: Seabrook was raised as a Harper (a highly trained member of a "guild" whose members act as the eyes, ears and conscience of his home planet). He has a photographic memory which often saved his life on covert missions. Seabrook is fluent in 25 languages. He designed SMIDGEN (Ship-Mounted Intelligence, Data Gathering and Evaluation Network) and oversaw its installation on several Fleet Action Coordination vessels, including USS PHOENIX.

History: Seabrook was born on Pern, a colony in the Rukbat system. His perfect pitch and eidetic memory earned him rapid advancement as a Harper. When he was 20, he was selected to pilot the planet’s first attempt at launching a vessel into outer space. The ship malfunctioned and threw the ship and Seabrook into the star’s gravity well. As a result, the ship entered a time warp and Seabrook was sent back over 2,000 years in the past to the current time. He was discovered adrift in space by USS INNES, a destroyer on routine patrol. After being debriefed by Starfleet Intelligence personnel, he joined Starfleet and was immediately taken by Vice Admiral Berta Corres (Chief of Starfleet Intelligence) as her protégé. Because of security considerations, little is known of Seabrook’s Starfleet career, but he has served aboard USS DILIGENCE (NCC-1956), USS CONCORD (NCC-2506), USS EXETER (NCC-2006) and USS GALILEO GALILEI (NCC-8888). Rumors abound that Seabrook has been promoted to Rear Admiral but, because of his value to Starfleet Intelligence as a field officer, he wears the uniform of and is detailed as a Lieutenant Commander. This rumor has neither been confirmed nor denied by any official Starfleet source.