Adam.jpg (103375 bytes) Name:  Lieutenant Adam "Baby Face" Brannon
Position:  Shuttle Operations Officer
Birth World:  San Diego, California, Earth
Age:  27 Standard Earth Years (2288)

Personal Data:

Height:  6í2".  
Weight: 195 lbs.  
Sex: Male
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown
Race: Human

Immediate Family: 

Mother: Athena Brannon (Author)
Father:  Blake Brannon (Computer Expert)
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Physical Appearance: LT Adam Brannon is tall and well built. He maintains his physical shape without much exercise. His dark brown eyes mirror his feelings; their expressiveness draws women to him like moths to a flame. Neat and organized, Adam likes everything in its place and a place for everything. He wears his uniform with a great deal of pride.

Personality: Brannon is gregarious and well liked by both his peers and senior officers. He strongly believes in teamwork and feels that others do not have to be "whipped" to do a good job. He often works right along beside his people, getting his hands just as dirty as theirs. He is incapable of sitting by and just watching. Because of his "Baby Face," women sometimes cause him problems when he is off duty and relaxing; because of his young looks, they seem to want to mother him. Although he tells his friends that having women fight for his attention bothers him, the truth is that he loves it.

Other Pertinent Data: LT Adam Brannonís father once taught computer classes at Starfleet. They are very close. 

History: Adam Brannon was born on August 13, 2288―premature and not expected to live. In spite of the dire predictions, he not only survived, but also flourished. His father and mother doted on him. He grew up with the love and support of his close relatives and knew the closeness of family. His mother, Athena, wrote childrenís books and made it a point to read to her son every night. As a result, Adam grew up to be a voracious reader. As he often joked, "Iíve never met a book I didnít like."

His father, Blake Brannon, made friends wherever he went; his jolly personality and caring nature made him a popular person. Adam inherited that ability. Blake loved his job as a computer technician, but, after years of computer work, decided he wanted to go back to college to a teaching degree. Blakeís natural ability to make complicated ideas easy got him a job at Starfleet Academy and he moved his family to San Francisco, where he taught until his retirement in 2310.

Adam had always been fascinated by mechanical things. If he wasnít reading, he was taking things apart to find out what made them tick and trying to improve on the design. His ability to juggle a number of different projects simultaneously often dismayed his parents; but they encouraged him in spite of it. Even before he finished High School he had a part-time job fixing shuttles. He would often go to Starfleet Academy with his father. He became fascinated with Starfleet and, at an early age, decided that life among the stars was the life for him.

He passed the entrance exam with flying colors and sailed through Starfleet Academy. His first assignment was to Starbase Montgomery, a hotbed of Starfleet Research and Development. His superiors quickly recognized his abilities and allowed him free reign to pursue his "Project du Jour." The results were impressive. Time after time Adam was able to take on repairs that everyone else on the starbase had given up on and to improve on shuttle designs. He was quickly promoted to Lieutenant and offered the position as Shuttle Operations Officer on USS PHOENIX.