Name:  Lieutenant Commander Alice Claire McConnell
Position:  Chief Operations Officer
Birthworld:  Lunar Colony
Age:  25 Standard Earth Years (2290)

Personal Data:

Height:  5í9"
Weight: 135 lbs.
Sex: Female
Hair: Raven Black 
Eyes: Gray.  
Race: Human

Immediate Family:  

Mother: Heather Anne McConnell
Father:  Kevin Angus McConnell
Brother: Joseph Alan McConnell
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Physical Appearance: LCDR McConnell is athletically built and works extremely hard to maintain her physique. She is considered very attractive with a smooth complexion, silky, raven hair, and piercing gray eyes. She moves with a feline grace; the result of many hours of physical exercise and training.

Personality: LCDR McConnell can be perfectionist, often planning things out in great detail, well in advance. She is often temperamental and can pout if things donít go her way. She has been known to hold extreme grudges for minor slights. However, she is never above apologizing or admitting fault when she is wrong. Although generally friendly, she rarely develops close ties. She is drawn to competitive sports where she can match herself against others. Sometimes her competitive nature can put people off, although she is always gracious in victory or defeat. She often feels the need to prove herself to others. In a crisis, she is very professional and thrives in evolving, dynamic situations. She is well known for being able to think a problem through. Most importantly, LCDR McConnell maintains a high degree of self-awareness and works diligently to improve her weak areas. She has recently developed an interest in her cultural past.

Other Pertinent Data: LCDR McConnell is an accomplished fencer, specializing in the use of the sabre. She was the female team captain at the Academy in her Junior and Senior years, defeating the heavily favored Andorian, Parkas Shar for the honor. LCDR McConnell also holds the rank of nidan in Aikido and Shodan in Karate. She placed fourth in the All-Starfleet Martial Arts Tournament of 2314, losing in the semi-finals to the Vulcan Tílar. Although not a galactic or even Terran class swimmer or runner, she is considered formidable in both categories. She trains daily for at least two hours.

LCDR McConnell is also an accomplished pilot. She maintains a rating on short and long-range shuttles, aquatic shuttles, atmospheric craft, and attack craft. She enjoys piloting old piston-engine craft.

History: Alice was born on the Lunar Colony. Her father Kevin is an executive with Aileron Inc., a contract company that provides space flight systems to Starfleet. It was through him that she developed her love of flying. In 2301, Kevin accepted a position with Asakaze Ordnance Systems, Ltd., to help develop the targeting system for the RIM-18B phaser. Thus, the family relocated to Hamamatsu, Earth. It was there that Alice joined a dojo to study martial arts. Her senseis were merciless, but she learned quickly and became proficient. Kevin encouraged his daughter to prepare for the Starfleet exams during her teen years and she passed the exam in 2306. In 2307, Alice was accepted into Starfleet Academy and moved to San Francisco.

Alice studied hard and was a superior student, although she never was among the top performers. She performed her share of pranks and mayhem, but never went overboard. Her attractiveness made her a prime-dating prospect and had several flings. In her sophomore year, she settled down for two years with Midshipman Andrew Ruiz. She was heartbroken when Ruiz left her for a Tellerite. Since then, she has kept her distance from serious relationships.

Upon graduation, Alice was assigned to Starbase 259 as an admin officer. She sat out the entire Tomed Incident, for which she was quite upset. However, she performed her duties diligently and became known for attention to detail. After one year she requested reassignment to and was transferred to the carrier USS Napoleon. Alice served as an attack pilot and enjoyed her work. For three years she was assigned to VMFA 137, "The Wolf Pack." After a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade in 2313, Alice began to accept greater responsibility and served as the squadron Intelligence Officer. In 2314, Alice observed an opening aboard the USS Phoenix and accepted a transfer. She recently pinned on her Lieutenant rank and is ready to serve as chief helmsman.

  • Starship Service Ribbon
  • Starbase Service Ribbon
  • Tomed Incident Campaign Ribbon
  • Fighter Corps Service Ribbon
  • Starfleet Marksmanship Medal
  • Starfleet Achievement Medal
  • Fighter Corps Medal