Name: Lieutenant JG Leslie Parker
Position: Assistant Operations Officer
Birthworld: Earth, San Francisco
Age: 24 Standard Earth Years (2295)

Personal Data:

Height: 5’2"
Weight: 110 pounds
Sex: Female
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Amber
Race: Human

Immediate Family:

Mother: Commander Susanna Edwards, Star Fleet Command
Father: Captain Mark Parker, Star Fleet Command
Brother: Lieutenant Bryce Parker, USS Intrepid
Sister: Lieutenant Commander Anna Parker, USS Demeter

Physical Appearance: Though she’s petite and slender, Parker’s appearance is deceiving, for she is stronger than she looks. Her skin is fair, a reflection of her Scottish roots. Her hair is short and spiky because she refuses to spend time styling it, and continually runs her fingers through her hair when she’s thinking through a problem.

Personal Data: Having grown up in a Star Fleet family, Parker is gregarious and well-liked. She always seems to be in motion, with enormous energy. This is sometimes a problem since Parker is a klutz. She’s always bumping into bulkheads, tripping over furniture or falling off of ladders if she’s not careful. Parker makes sure she can find Sick Bay from anywhere on the ship, just in case.

She may be a klutz with her feet, but Parker’s instructors at the Academy said that her fingers were magic. She can coax even the most recalcitrant orbiter to do her bidding. Wendy always said it was the years of piano lessons her mother made her take that accounts for her dexterity.

Although it may seem that Parker is a scatterbrain, in reality she’s highly disciplined. Her quarters and work areas are spotless and organized. Although she’s not a fanatic, she exercises for an hour six days each week. Her mother has told her that it may not seem like it now, but eventually gravity (even if it’s engineered) will catch up to her.

Personal History: Parker was raised in a family of engineers, and it was generally understood that each sibling would take up the family "business." So, her parents were somewhat disappointed that their youngest child abandoned the family calling. No matter, Wendy loved working with all the different systems of a ship, big or small. Growing up near water, Wendy also learned to sail and is a master yachtsman. Every visit home, Wendy would persuade and cajole her family into going out on the water.

Wendy did not abandon the family roots altogether. No matter what course she undertook, it was understood that she would attend Star Fleet Academy, and so she did, and graduated near the top of her class.

Parker’s first posting was on the research ship Renard as Operations Officer. She proved herself under fire when magnetic pulses from a previously unknown race, the Fonarii, threatened to overwhelm the Renard’s systems. Fortunately, Parker was able to recognize a pattern in the pulses and realize that they were the Fonarii’s method of communication.

Parker is eager to serve aboard the USS Phoenix and prove herself up to the challenge.