Name: Lieutenant JG Augustus Boethius Severinus
Position: Intelligence Officer.
Birth World: UFP 892-IV (Magna Roma)
Age: 37
Specialty: Signal (SIGINT) and Image (IMINT) Intelligence, Code Breaking.
Sub Specialty: Infiltration and Data Networking.

Personal Data:

Height :5'10"
Weight: 180 lbs
Sex: Male
Hair: Brown, balding
Eyes: Brown
Race: Magna Roman.

Physical Appearance: Augustus Severinus is physically fit, well muscled, and constantly finds his down time working out in the gymnasium, practicing hand-to-hand combat tactics he learned while in service to Magna Roma. He is quick and has almost cat-like reflexes. He can physically take punishment as well as dish it out, and has several scars along his chest, back and upper arms in attest to his fights against Kzinti soldiers.

Personality: Augustus Severinus for the most part is quiet, and disciplined. He constantly trains his body and his mind, preferring actual physical books rather than reading off of a monitor screen. He has a good sense of humor, and a developed camaraderie with people which he gets to know. He has few friends, but those he has he has kept forever. He has developed an over fondness of Italian style cuisine, being that it does remind him of the food he ate back on Magna Roma. He is passionate about his work, and his sense of duty both which are traits from his time in service to the Magna Roman Military.

MILITARY HISTORY: Augustus Boethius Severinus, grew up in the Ligo Prefecture on Magna Roma's "European Continent." His Father, a member of the Elite Praetorian Guard, was often away protecting the Main Magna Roman Senate, while his mother served on the Northern Senatorial Council. At the age of 12, Augustus was inducted into the military to begin standard indoctrination training.

At the age of 15, one year earlier than most students, Augustus graduated "Classis Secundus" narrowly missing top honors by a fraction of a percent. He was pushed into service into the Kzin wars, after the alien species found and attempted to colonize the planet Magna Roma. During the conflict, Augustus began listening and learning the Kzinti language, and although he lacked the ability to speak the language himself, he cracked their language code, and helped turn the tide in key battles against the Felinoid species, assisting the Military in finally purging the menace from the planet. During the Reformation period, and with help from The United Federation of Planets, Magna Roma officially began working with their alliance with the Federation, and with the acquiring of several out-dated starships, Magna Roma finally achieved warp space. They quickly utilized their new space fleet for defense in their quadrant of space. Augustus Severinus helped train the crews assigned to these ships, the communication skills needed to intercept and decipher the alien language.

In SD 2011.05, Augustus Severinus rose to the rank of Centurion and served under Captain Gaius Hastati on the Monoceros class scout Pegasus, which was renamed Covinnarius, after its acquisition to the Magna Roman Space Forces. Centurion Severinus was later approached by members of Star Fleet Intelligence, for assistance with a more local concern.

Centurion Severinus was crucial with helping discover several coded transmissions which the planetary governor of Tellar was the target of several assassination attempts which would have shifted the balance of power in that quadrant. It was here where he met up with a young Aaron Williams, a promising starfleet engineer, who assisted Centurion Severinus decipher the codes which the terrorists were transmitting, by using Tellarite advanced engineering symbology. Mr. Williams helped convince Centurion Severinus to apply to Starfleet.


Augustus Boethius Severinus entered Starfleet early in 2318, and excelled in most of his classes. He was contacted by members of Starfleet Intelligence soon upon graduation in 2322. Information regarding the next two year period has been deemed classified. He returned to Starfleet in 2324 where he was assigned to the Destroyer USS Hyperion NCC 3744 under the command of CDR. Vasyl Tsvirkunov, and served a two-year patrol assignment along the borders between Third Quadrant South, and the First Confederation (Jirzzaque) influence of space. LTJG Augustus Severinus was selected for reassignment to the USS Phoenix NCC 2315 under the Command of TE Lawrence in 2326, just before the vessel was to be sent transporting a group of passengers to the newly created asteroid theme park world of Xanadu.