Name: LTJG Lisa Boldain
Position: Chief Navigator
Birthworld: Earth
Age:28 Standard Earth Years

Personal Data:

Height: 5í10".
Weight: 126 lbs.
Sex: Female
Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazel
Race: Human

Immediate Family

Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Physical Appearance: Tall, and extremely attractive, Lisaís mixed parentage have given her extremely exotic looks that draw on the best of both her native lands. Born to a Caucasian father and Arabic mother, her dark skin and Anglican features have combined to produce an extremely attractive woman. Lisa swims regularly and keeps herself toned and fit.

Personality: While born to parents of two cultures, Lisa has taken the road of the Arabic side in her dealings, and remains demure and reserved in her interpersonal dealings. While not deferential, her calm exterior seems almost untouchable. She is eager to help others, but remains closed to offers in return. Lisa makes close acquaintances easily, but chooses very few close friends.

Other Pertinent Data: Lisa Bodainís father was killed before her birth. Her mother died while she was age 8 years in an air car accident. With no family on her fatherís side, and rejected by distant relations of her motherís family, Lisa was raised by the government in her fatherís home area of California, North America.
Through her life, Lisa has shown advanced aptitude in oceanography, but despite going on to earn a doctorate in the field chose to pursue Navigation upon joining Starfleet. Her studies have stood her in good stead, as her background in planetary sciences has made her a masterful pilot of aquatic shuttles and a superior atmospheric pilot.
Born deaf at birth, this defect that has been overcome by surgical prosthetics. While the condition is not correctable, the Ďearingsí (which depart only nominally from uniform standard) are in fact the only telltale sign of her corrected condition. Granted normal hearing by their use, they are wavered as a medical device.
When not engaged in duty, Lisa can usually be found on a beach, engaged in her second professional enjoyment of oceanography, and she has been a notable participant in many planetary surveys.

Psychological Profile: It is largely suspected that Lisaís birth defect may have resulted in her rejection from adoption by her maternal family, but Lisa has never made mention of this, and seems to be beyond any trauma from the incident. In that aspect, she has firmly embraced Federation cultural norms and seems both comfortable with herself and her personal goals.
For all of that, it remains interesting that she appears to have retained many of the more Arabic cultural norms in her lifestyle, which is attributable to being raised by her mother throughout most of her formative years.
Despite the disparities involved, Lisa has a strong character and is a productive, outgoing, adaptable person, whose combination of modest habits and diverse interests have made her well suited to the environment of a starship.