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The Chief Administrative Officer will assign living quarters immediately upon an individual’s reporting on board for duty. There are several different types of quarters and each is assigned based upon rank and quarters’ availability.

Although berthing assignments, like duty assignments, are designed to be non-gender specific, assignment to quarters aboard the ship will be driven by appropriate cultural and social norms of the crewmember. In addition, personality traits are considered to be of paramount importance. Every attempt will be made to assign compatible individuals to double-occupancy staterooms.

If, however, an individual should discover that a co-occupant is incompatible, the Chief Administrative Officer is to be notified immediately so that alternative arrangements can be investigated.

Should the type of quarters for which an individual is eligible not be available, an assignment will be made to one at a higher level. For instance, should the crewmember qualify for Level C quarters and all such quarters are filled, berthing assignment will be made to Level C quarters. As soon as the appropriate quarters are available, the individual will be reassigned.