Ghostrider - Intelligence Shuttle
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Intelligence Shuttle

The MK-I Flemming-class shuttle is Starfleet’s first successful attempt at a one-man starship. It is powered by a ZC Tech SCN14-NX67 warp reactor. The shuttle is a self contained starship and can operate independently of a starbase or starship for two years without re-provisioning

Used primarily by Starfleet Intelligence; the Flemming-class shuttle has enhanced weaponry, communications equipment, and computer capability. Specifications on these systems are classified by Starfleet Intelligence. Standard configuration has an operations area up front, a mission specific area mid-ships, and rudimentary living quarters to the stern.

The living quarters and mission specific area are modular and can be swapped out at a starbase or in a heavy cruiser shuttlebay. Different mission modules are available and it is safe to assume that the interior of each of these shuttles is different.

The shuttle comes equipped with an adaptive polymer exterior that allows the pilot to mimic different exteriors and markings at the touch of a button.

The shuttle is capable of sustained cruising at warp 8 and has a rated top speed of warp 9.