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workbee.jpg (51566 bytes)This craft is basically a stripped-down, one-man spacecraft with an extremely limited operating range. It is used when external hull repair work is required. A total of 13 different modules, either individually or in combination, can be attached to the WorkBee, depending upon the assigned tasks. These modules are stored in Repair and Maintenance Center.

The following modules, or packs, are available for use on a WorkBee:

Booster Pack. provides additional towing capacity and/or minor warp capability

workbeesled.jpg (54823 bytes)Clamper Pack: adds external mechanical arms which allow for manipulation of large objects

Cutter Pack: includes a fusion cutting torch for access to or removal of portions of the external hull

Drone Pack: replaces the pilot with a independent computer to perform operations not requiring hands-on supervision

Floodlight Pack: supplies large-scale illumination for repair operations

Grabber Pack: outfits the WorkBee with a less-sophisticated mechanical arm than provided by the Clamper Pack

Heavy Booster Pack: increases towing capacity and supplies medium warp capability

Sensor Pack: enables the craft to support detailed sensor operations

Spinner Pack: allows for spot welding of hull plates and cable spooling

Survey Pack: equips the craft with the ability to perform simple survey tasks

Tow-Hitch Pack: enables a WorkBee to physically tow objects

Tractor Pack: supplies tractor beam capabilities

Welder Pack: supports precision welding in tight quarters


  • Length: 2.70 meters
  • Width: 1.20 meters
  • Height: 1.30 meters


  • Light: 2.12 metric tons
  • Standard: 2.23 metric tons
  • Heavy: 35.68 metric tons


  • Impulse Engines
  • Engine Output: 9.90 x 108 Megajoules
  • Maximum Cruising: .99 c

Acceleration Rates:

  • 0.000.25 c 15.025 seconds
  • 0.250.50 c 22.538 seconds
  • 0.500.75 c 30.050 seconds
  • 0.750.99 c 37.563 seconds