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shuttle01.jpg (25187 bytes)Each Heavycruiser carries six MK-III Galileo-class standard Starfleet shuttles. These shuttles are used for personnel and equipment transfers when the use of transporters is impractical or contra-indicated. Each can carry up to 10 personnel, including a pilot and a co-pilot (usually the Chief Mechanic assigned to the particular shuttle). With two SW08/1-4AX warp drive nacelles, the shuttle is capable of speeds up to Warp 4.

Designed primarily for personnel, the Standard Shuttle is capable of transporting up to 0.79 metric tons of cargo. When the shuttle is used for this purpose, the interior passenger seats are removed, and the large cargo door on the stern is used for loading.


The Aquatic Shuttle's hull is specially reinforced to withstand both the negative pressure of space and the positive pressure of a fluid environment.

An upper hatch connects to an air lock, allowing crewmembers to leave the shuttle while it is submerged. Specimens may be transported with tanks designed to maintain an appropriate, natural habitat.

A tractor beam capable of towing 5.1 x 102metric tons is included as standard equipment. Should an emergency arise, an Aquatic Breathing Apparatus for each crewmember is stored internally.

The Aquatic Shuttle is a MK-I, Cathark-class.


medshuttle.jpg (23921 bytes)Because the possibility that a starship may face a situation in which out-of-the-ordinary medical demands might be required is extremely high, each ship carries one MK-IV, Hippocrates-class medical shuttle. This special shuttlecraft is utilized only for medical emergencies encountered on a planet or on a shuttle-capable vessel. Based on the standard shuttlecraft, the interior has been modified to include examination tables, diagnostic equipment, and a complete line of medical supplies.


shuttle in bay.jpg (21395 bytes)
Medical Shuttle in Shuttle Bay