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Created and written by Paul Hollingsworth

In the mythology of every space-faring species known to the Federation, there are stories of a fantastic, winged creature living on a utopian planet somewhere in space that, from time to time, visited other planets. Approximately 6 inches tall, these winged creatures were called many names: fairies on Earth, G’thrak by Klingons, and Zoomies on Alpha Centauri. Over time, the name Spindizzy has become the accepted, common name for these creatures. The location and exact nature of this mythological lifeform were unknown, and their existence was hotly debated for hundreds of years.

The LoriLynn

In 2318 a delegation from Spindizzy to the Federation proved beyond any doubt that the myth was accurate and they did, in fact, exist. Heading this delegation was The LoriLynn, hereditary leader of the planet, who pleaded for help from the Federation to defend her people from an unknown enemy.

Fleet Admiral Daniel Evans, Commander of Third Fleet, sent USS PHOENIX (NCC-2315) to Spindizzy with orders to provide "all necessary assistance" to the Spindizzies. Little information is available about that mission, Spindizzy, or its inhabitants due to security concerns, but the following data has been declassified.

Spindizzy is the fifth planet of 11 orbiting an O-type star outside the boundaries of Federation space. It is a Class M planet (Earth equivalent) with an atmosphere rich in oxygen and lighter-than-Earth gravity. Tectonically stable, it has a year-around climate much like a late spring day on Earth with daytime highs in the middle 70s and nighttime lows in the lower 60s. Storms are rare and seasons are non-existent due to its small axial inclination. The landscape is varied and verdant, with thick forests; numerous rivers and streams; broad, grassy plains; and tall mountains. The animal life is, for the most part, benign, the only exception being a carnivorous predator about the size and general appearance of an Earth cat (the Spindizzy word for this animal can be roughly translated into Federation Standard as "Zaggot.")

The only indigenous, intelligent lifeform is a winged, humanoid mammal. A Spindizzy ranges in size from 5 to 6 inches in height, and weights between 3 and 4 pounds. The epidermis is rich in melatonin, which give the skin a rich, bronze (or golden) color. They are omnivorous, have a high metabolism, and consume a half-pound or more of food daily.

The delicate wings attach to the body just inside the shoulder blades on the muscular back. The ribs of the wing are composed of cartilage and the webbing between the ribs of parchment-thin, skin-like tissue. Wing color is varied and range from solid to mottled. The wings extend approximately 2 1/2 inches above the head, reach the general area of the ankle, and are about 12 inches wide when fully extended. No data is available on the flight capabilities of the Spindizzy.

While hair color is varied, the eyes have black irises. Their vision is acute and extends into the ultraviolet. The lifespan of a Spindizzy, baring accident, is approximately 200 Earth years; however, little or no signs of the aging process are apparent to the naked eye.

The Spindizzy are a matriarchal society. The leader, called The LoriLynn, is hereditary, but is chosen from those eligible by consensus. Although primarily ceremonial in nature, The LoriLynn is the final arbitrator of all decisions affecting the population estimated to be 250,000, more or less. The exact figure is classified.

The social unit is the extended family, composed of a lifemate, children, and often other close relatives living in communal quarters. Most Spindizzies prefer to "nest" in the upper branches of tall trees, but many also make their homes in caves.

A Spindizzy is a proximity telepath with the highest empathic rating among all known empathic species. However, when physical contact is maintained for a minimum of six hours, a Spindizzy has the capability to absorb the totality of another’s memory. This absorption results in a strong mental link between the Spindizzy and the entity with whom they "melded" and, apparently, is unaffected by distance. There are only 17 known cases of such a meld: 16 humans and one Klingon. Names and the circumstances under which these melds occurred are classified.

The language is a complicated combination of vocal music, hand gestures, empathetic contact, and body language. As of the date of this report, it has been impossible for any non-Spindizzy to replicate their linguistic abilities. Spindizzies, however, are able to speak Federation Standard without difficulty.

On the Sorrells Scale, the Species Classification of a Spindizzy has been established as:
 L—1—hh —I—C.

Travel to Spindizzy, or contact with a Spindizzy, is currently prohibited without specific permission of the President of the Federation or The LoriLynn.