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The following description of the planet Enya in the Sabrenaís "i" star system is taken from the 287th Edition of Hamiltonís Guide to the Federation.

Star System: Sabrenaís "i"

Location: -159.9, -132.4, +11.3 (Third Quadrant)

Enya is the fourth planet circling the G-class star Sabrenaís "i" located in Quadrant Three. It is home for Third Fleet Academy and Starbase Flying Cloud, a Type-79 starbase that orbits the planet in a geosynchronous orbit above the Academy. Starbase Flying Cloud is a major Federation facility in the Quadrant. In addition to over 9,000 residents, numerous trade delegations, and several embassies, it also contains Third Fleet Headquarters. Eleven Starfleet ships are homeported there.

The planet is classified as Class M and environmental conditions are Earth-like. A day lasts 26 Earth hours and the year is 360 days long. Gravity is 95% of Earthís. Because its orbit is inclined on 1.45% from the ecliptic, Enyaís climate is perpetually spring-like. Temperatures on the planet range from 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit, cooling down to the upper 60s at night. Rainfall is evenly spread throughout the year, with an annual average of 25 inches. Classified as sub-tropical, Enya possesses magnificent forests, broad plains, and rolling hills. The planet is tectonically quiet.

There are only two mountain ranges, both of which are on the larger of the two continental masses. The highest and longest range, the Crystal Highlands, is situated in the middle of the continent and runs north and south; while the second mountain range, named The Crossovers, runs east and west, bisecting the Crystal Highlands and forming a "T." Vast deposits of Dilithium Crystals are located throughout the Crystal Highlands. Numerous cracking plants ensure a steady flow of this extremely important substance to the Federation and a constant source of income for the planet.

At the junction of Crystal Highlands and The Crossovers is a geological mystery named the Tears of Vayle. Small, tear-drop-shaped crystals lie in profusion on the ground in a five square kilometer area. These crystals range in size from 10mm to 12cm and come in a variety of colors. Each color produces a different effect and the level of the effect varies with Tear size. Blue Tears produce a calming effect on any nearby individual. Purple Tears can reproduce any music to which they are exposed and are "reprogrammed" with ease. Green Tears induce a deep, refreshing sleep in humanoids. Black Tears absorb light, and White Tears generate light. Their origin is unknown and they are unique in Federation space. Access to the Tears of Vayle and removal of these oddities are strictly controlled

North of the "T" are the Plains of Rohan, which cover approximately 250,000 square kilometers. Almost completely flat, the Plains of Rohan are composed of rich loam, numerous rivers, and abundant sunshine. As a result, it has developed into a major agricultural center in the Quadrant. Every transplanted species of vegetation, brought to Enya from hundreds of other planets, has flourished in this area, and crops are as varied as they are prolific. Numerous Federation agricultural stations have been established in the Plains.

South of the "T" lies the Mirkwood Forest. Covering almost as much area as the Plains of Rohan, Mirkwood Forest boasts some of the largest trees in the Federation. Reaching an average height of 400 feet, the trees of Mirkwood are home for more than 2,000 different kinds of animals and birds, many of which have yet to be named. Wood from Mirkwood is highly prized and extremely expensive. Its multi-colored, intricately veined texture is sought after by woodworkers throughout the Federation. The Forest is carefully guarded, and cutting operations are strictly controlled.

To the east of the Crystal Highlands is a vast, wild area called East Farthing. Isolated as it is from the remainder of the continent by the Crystal Highlands, it is virtually unexplored. The Academy uses portions of East Farthing for survival training.

Starlight, the largest city on Enya, is situated on the west side of the continent, not far from Third Fleet Academy. A large, natural harbor in the shape of a "C" opens into the planetís main ocean, the Orinoco Flow. A large river, the Brandywine, flows through Starlight and empties into the harbor.

Although the city sprawls over a 100 square kilometer area and offers every conceivable convenience, including shopping areas, museums, and art galleries, it retains a small-town atmosphere. Doors are seldom locked and the crime rate is virtually non-existent. Five-star hotels and restaurants are sprinkled throughout the city, making it a favorite place of epicureans. The Silk Stocking District of Starlight is famous throughout the Third Quadrant as a favorite rest and relaxation spot for Starfleet personnel. Numerous bars, game rooms, baths, and spas cater to every possible whim of males and females alike.

Some 50 kilometers off the coast of Starlight are the Ommadawn Cays, a series of small islands offering deep-sea fishing and diving opportunities. Several three-masted schooners and one square-rigged "tall ship" sail the Cays on a leisurely schedule.

There are several smaller cities on Enya, including Hearst Ridge, Spanish Earth, Sunset, Three Sisters, and Delesandri Downs. Each city contributes differently to Enyaís economy. Hearst Ridge possesses vast vineyards from which white and red wines are made. Spanish Earth is the technology center of the planet. Sunset is the home of the planetís fishing industry while Three Sisters is the main marketplace for the Plains of Rohan. Delesandri Downs is known for horse breeding, racing, and riding.

Hunting, camping, sailing, and river-rafting facilities are available year around on Enya. The planetís motto is: "If you canít find it here, you arenít really looking."