Jhoran V
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Jhoran V

Artwork created by Ron Taylor

The Jhoran System, located on the edge of United Federation of Planets Territory lies perilously close to the territory claimed by the Romulan Star Empire. There are seven planets orbiting this star. Jhoran V, the fifth, is a planet shrouded in ice. The environment is extremely hostile. Surface temperature variations range from minus ten to minus sixty degrees Celsius. The atmosphere is oxygen-nitrogen. Winds vary from twenty to more than one hundred knots. The surface of this planet is, for all practical purposes, frozen. Persons needing to complete assignments on this planet are warned that their continued existence on the surface is unlikely. All necessary arrangements for a safe, secure and hospitable environment should be completed prior to shuttling to the surface.

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Agent Omega

If an accident or other calamity befalls a landing party while planetside, an emergency habitable sanctuary exists below the surface of the ocean near the recommended shuttle landing location. The Senior Starfleet Officer of any landing party is charged with verifying the location of this life-saving outpost, an abandoned Rihannsu outpost. This outpost, once used for intelligence gathering, is located in 600 meters of water. The pressure at that depth could disable a shuttle so shields and structural integrity fields must be maintained. Visitors while planetside will need to wear environmental suits. The outpost consists of a large intelligence control room, medical facilities, a small mess hall and a shuttle bay.

It is believed that traders have used the old outpost as the base for their illegal mining operations. Although all surface scans accomplished by the USS PHOENIX have shown no life form activity in the vicinity.

Indigenous life does exist on the planet. Some species of mammals inhabit the surface and aquatic life is plentiful. Most species are harmless.

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