The Jirzzaque
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The Jirzzaque of The First Confederacy...
A White Paper

Jirzzaque and artwork created by Linda Olsen
Jirzzaque anatomy created by Eric Wick
The Jirzzaque, its likeness, description, name and artwork ©1993
by Starships of the Third Fleet and can not be use without expressed permission of SS3F.


Jirzzaque.jpg (50144 bytes)JirzzaqueShip.jpg (21590 bytes)There is evidence that these sentients have been active in Federation and non-Federation space for decades. The first suspected involvement occurred in the Deneb System in 2278. A space ship, a replica of the Rantura Liner "Starlight" slid into orbit around DenebV in late Spring of that year. The two hundred "colonists" who beamed down were greeted by local authorities and assigned to the various cooperatives that were operating at the time. These Coops had been established as a means of providing services to new arrivals in their initial orientation into Denebian society. They, the colonists, were quick to learn and soon were being accepted in all levels of society. Those in government had reservations about these new comers. They were not all that willing to assimilate into society, but rather kept to themselves a good deal of the time. They appeared to be more interested in other colonists and technology than in putting roots down. Within two years, most had departed, leaving only remnants of the original contingent behind.

Jirzzaquefront.jpg (56030 bytes)Orion Traders, by the very nature of their occupation, are frequently the first to learn of new races of sentients. They knew of the Klingons and the Federation for years without disclosing the existence of one to the other. Beginning in the year 2284, the records of these traders show entries of a new species, which was overtly interested in space technology... with little regard to its ownership. As most of these transactions occurred in the Delta Triangle area, they elicited little curiosity After all, three major worlds converged on this area of space. The Onions coined a phrase among themselves to describe these people, ‘Grotok Itt Klackk" (The Ugly Ones).

A curious event lasting nearly two years commenced in 2288. The Klingon Empire turned its back on the Federation and wasn’t heard from until mid 2290. Federation vessels encountered not a single Klingon during this period. Starfleet Intelligence surmises that the lack of confrontation along the Neutral Zone coupled with a sudden increase of mining activity on Praxis following that period could only lead to one conclusion. They had been involved in an extended conflict with a superior antagonist. The war had depleted their ability to continue as a major galactic power… thus an emergency rebuilding program spurred the over utilization of Praxis.

The Romulan Star Empire has not been spared conflict with these beings. Despite their outward calm and their attempts to project themselves as the master of all confrontations with others, in the year 2284, following the Praxis disaster, the Star Empire, believing the Klingons were too weakened to resist effectively, commenced an expansion spinward. Their apparent goal was control of the Delta and some of the Klingon peripheral territories. They encountered a force, which they could not see, which decimated their advancing armada. Retreating to their home world, they initiated contact with their allies within the Federation, the Friends Of The Romulan Star Empire (FORSE). The Romulans had mistakenly concluded that the Federation was behind their massacre. They asked that FORSE intercede on their behalf in the Security Council of the UFP.

Intelligence operatives out of SB 25 have forwarded similar skirmish activities within Gorn and Tholian territories. The Jirzzaque were successful in combating the Tholians by reducing their methane atmosphere to a liquid temperature, thus disabling them. Reports also show that when a Gorn’s body temperature is reduced below 10 degrees Celsius, they go into hibernation.

Jirzzaque1.jpg (52524 bytes)Jirzzaque2.jpg (24918 bytes)Every major world and some not so major in this part of the galaxy have been affected in some way by these intruders known now as the Jirzzaque. All sightings of the Jirzzaque in this section of the galaxy, with the possible exception of the Orions mentioned above, are male members of a species which have been cybemetically altered to operate more efficiently in our environment. They have a computer implant, which has the capability of projecting information in holographic form, Additionally; the computer monitors body functions and actively adjusts system malfunctions caused by injuries. A second implant, an illusion projector, allows them to walk among aliens while appearing like them. A communication implant utilizes artificial intelligence to translate a sender’s thoughts into communications, which may be transmitted, all these implants are programmable from a dermal keypad on the aliens left forearm. Accompanying this article are rough drawings of these devices removed from the bodies of dead Jirzzaque following an Exeter encounter.

Jirzzaquemutate.jpg (54955 bytes)The following information has been extracted from the Medical Examiners Log aboard the Exeter following the defeat of the Jirzzaque, 2307. An autopsy was performed this date on an unknown male alien, presumed to be a Jirzzaque. The subject measures 75 cm in height and weighs 91 kg. His musculature exceeds that of the average male human. There is an almost metallic cast to his umber skin. The eyes appear to be crystalline in nature and are multi-color. His blood can be described as violet…and quite odorous. The blood is also faintly luminescent. The facial features can only be described as skull-like. A metal device has been implanted just above the bony surface of his left brow. Additional metal implants have been inserted in his head in the left and right mastoid areas, on the inside of his left forearm and in his diaphragm. All of the implants are connected in a network, in a cyborg arrangement. This circuitry has been removed and sent to Starfleet for further analysis. This being died as the result of a massive hemorrhage caused by a projectile.