Michael C. Turner
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Michael C. Turner

Space Artist

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"Cosmic Conception ~ Immaculate Star ~ Lord Of Light"©2011 Michael C. Turner
( From 'Christmas In The Stars Christmas' Card Series 2011 )

The Galactic Visions of Michael C. Turner

Michael C. Turner's "Galactic Visions" space art transports viewers into a fabulously mysterious universe filled with light and color. His canvases are filled with galaxies of stars, extra-solar worlds, brilliantly glowing nebulae, pulsars, quasars, black holes, and other bizarre cosmic phenomena. At first, one might consider these images as fantasy. Turner contends that his creations are based upon scientific data and plausibility. He says he paints from his soul with the intent of inspiring the viewer to feel "the spirit of space." He considers his space art equally inspirational or sacred art. "The Cosmos reveals the mind and spirit of The Creator, " explains Turner. Ever careful to maintain the balance of inspiring and informing the viewer, he composes detailed descriptors for each of his unique works of art.

Turner primarily uses acrylic with traditional paint and brush techniques on cloth canvas to express his artistic vision of a living universe unfolding within its cosmic womb. Although, he does some digital art, his artistic passion remains faithful in creating traditional canvas paintings. He created many space paintings long before the Hubble Space Telescope commenced imaging areas of space where Earth-based intellects have yet to travel. Prior to the most recent discoveries, Turnerís paintings would have been considered science fiction or fantasy, as there was no physical proof for his insightful images. With each new astronomical discovery Turnerís space art is validated by the scientific world. Nevertheless, he contends, his primary purpose is to inspire. He relates that "All true science is the result of inspired minds." "Consider modern technology," says Turner. " Mere decades ago, the wonders of audiovisual communication and the universe it has revealed, was an inspired vision. Most people considered it science fiction or fantasy."

Turner calls his paintings "Space-Scapes." He says they are vignettes of the Universe, waiting to be discovered. He is among a relatively small group of artists calling themselves space artists." He is a long-time member of the only astronomical space artists organization on the planet, the prestigious IAAA (International Association of Astronomical Artists). This international group of space artists produces the majority of all the space art on the planet. http://www.iaaa.org

"Eternal Star" © 2010 Michael C. Turner
( From 'Christmas In The Stars Christmas' Card Series 2010 )

"Stellar Annunciation" ©2009 Michael C. Turner
( From 'Christmas In The Stars Christmas' Card Series 2009 )

Michael C. Turnerís space art spans more than three decades. His life-long love of space, science, and art are supremely evident in his paintings which have won him honors and awards ever since he received the senior art award in high school. In college Turner majored in the sciences, ancient history, visual art, and theatrical arts. He has a rich background in archaeology and ancient art history, which he frequently incorporates, in his paintings. Turner feels that archaeology and space science are natural companions for space-faring civilizations. When viewing the rich, visual detail of Turnerís paintings, one canít help but ponder whether these are his "visions of space" or "visions he has seen in space." His paintings invite viewers to take a solitary journey into the depths of a universe that exists equally in their inner-space and outer-space. Turnerís paintings have been exhibited locally, nationally, and internationally. Many of his paintings are in private collections. He has exhibited in galleries throughout his career although, he has exhibited more frequently in solitary shows, especially in science facilities and space related art exhibitions He has had resident exhibits at various planetariums and science facilities. His work was chosen by the Planetary Society as part of a featured space art exhibit in Pasadena, California in conjunction with NASAís July 4, 1997 landing of the Mars Pathfinder expedition. His "Galactic Visions" were exhibited in projected digital imagery at the Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia during the 2000 Olympics celebrations. His art has been published in space art books. Most recently, Turner's space art was published (along with a host of other international space artists) in the 2011 International Association Of Astronomical Artists' space art book entitled "The Beauty Of Space." Turner's paintings are based upon scientific data, however, his works have also been published in science fiction related books, appearing most recently in Craig Musselman's 2011 "Machines And Magic."

© 2012 - Michael C. Turner
Galactic Visions Space Art

© 2011/2013 - Michael C. Turner
Galactic Visions Space Art

Although space art is a vital part of his life, Turner has other talents. He is an accomplished published writer. One of his meditative poems entitled "Star Hymns" was published in "Silence of Yesterday," an anthology of poetry from the twentieth centuryís best poets. "Star Hymns" and the painting by the same title were dedicated in memory to the late Carl Sagan, the acclaimed astronomer of the PBS Cosmos series. Turnerís painting, "Star Hymns" and his poem of the same title are excellent examples of how he masterfully combines the two art forms. Turner began an annual limited edition space art Christmas card series in 1991, entitled "Christmas In The Stars." He integrates his space art, detailed descriptors, and meditative sacred verses to create unique space-themed Christmas cards. Turner shares the physical cards with his closest relatives and friends and posts them on various internet sites for everyone to freely enjoy.

Michael C. Turner's Website

Michael C. Turner's Galactic Visions' space art can be viewed at The International Space Art Network site

and at DeviantArt.com.

Michael C. Turner's facebook page

In recent years, Turner has focused on creating his "Galactic Visions" rather than expending excessive time with exhibitions. He most frequently creates private commissions which he says are far more enjoyable than seeking public venues. Although there are other talented space artists, the Galactic Visions of Michael C. Turner are truly unique in any world. If viewing art is the first level of art appreciation and if feeling the spirit of the art and the artist is the ultimate level, then Michael C. Turnerís space art is the portal for that continuum. Turner says, "When I express myself through my art, my spirit soars, filling my canvasses with "Galactic Visions" from Cosmic realms where no one has gone before . . ."

"Space Classic" ©2011Michael C. Turner

"Galactic Encounter" ©2010 Michael C. Turner

"Cosmic Titans" ©2010 Michael C. Turner

© Galactic Visions Space Art and all associated images and data by Michael C. Turner