Joe Tucciarone
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Joe Tucciarone
Space Artist

 Joe Tucciarone, Was born in Youngstown, Ohio. After graduating from Youngstown State University with a Master's degree in physics, he became the artist for the campus planetarium. This began a stellar career as one of the premier planetarium artists in the country. He was offered positions at some of the nation's largest museums and planetariums, but turned them down, preferring to work at mid-size institutions, disdaining large cities. He has worked at the Memphis Pink Palace Planetarium, the Universe Planetarium in Richmond, VA, and the Bradenton Planetarium in Florida, before settling at the Astronaut Memorial Planetarium near Kennedy Space Center. He retired from the planetarium business in 1992, and focusing on his art, he teaches astronomy at the local community college. He married in 1994, and he and his wife Jennifer now live in the suburban Space Coast of Florida. They have two daughters, April and Lily. He has recently re-entered the planetaruim field as a part-time show producer.

Joe's works are remarkable and singular in their precision and texture. He has mastered subtlties of nebulae and gaseous phenomena, while his lighting and sharply focused landscapes provide a stark counterpoint to the softness of his background subjects. His palette of color is unique among our artists, from popsicle purples to rich blues and siennas. He has a large cult of fanatic collectors of his prints and originals.

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