Julie Rodriguez Jones
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Julie Rodriguez Jones

Space Artist

Julie’s interest in art and astronomy started at an early age.  As a young child, coloring was passion.  Hearing about Sputnik as a young child, following the US space program from its inception and discovering astronomy in middle school spurred her interests.  Julie’s father took her weekly to telescope making sessions where during middle school she built a large telescope. (See the full story here) In high school Julie discovered she had a real love of art but did not pursue it due to commitments to science and her first and only other career at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL: www.LBL.gov) which she began as a research technician in high school.

Julie drew casually throughout college, during her career at LBNL and while raising a family.  Her work at the Lab turned to the business aspects of the institution, writing contracts for LBNL’s collaborative research and development with other research institutions and contracting with the former Soviet States for the United States' Initiative for Proliferation Prevention..  Though fascinating, Julie missed the creativity she had discovered in art and in 1998 began to draw again.  She was encouraged by inquiries made at a local framing shop when a customer came in to have some of her art framed.

Julie and some of her liturgical banners incorporating some of her space art.

Julie studied traditional media at the Berkeley School of the Arts with Gwyneth Welch, Lien Truong and Arngunnur Yr.  She also had a love of astronomical imagery but hadn’t considered pursuing space art until one day when she saw a fantasy image drawn by her son, Ross, then in Jr. high school.  That was the catalyst. (Julie was actually a fan of Dave Archer and owns several of his pieces!)

Julie in an EVA suit.
(The complete story lies solely with Aldo Spadoni of the IAAA.)

Julie’s art can now been seen throughout the United States and overseas.  She has received numerous awards and honors for both her astronomical art and her flowers.  She has had commissions from corporations and has had book covers and web site art commissioned. Her work has been seen in magazines such as the Mars Quarterly, Mercury, The Planetary Report, in newspapers such as USA Today, on the web in dozens locations, on TV, in books including Women of Space: Cool Careers on the Final Frontier, and in a variety of commercial and non-profit applications (Reno Film Festival, Ironstone Vineyards, National Graves Disease Foundation, Healing Journeys, Neighbors Without Borders, NAATPN) and in homes of art enthusiasts.  Julie’s art is also now seen in churches across the US and abroad as banners and ministerial stoles which has been a primary emphasis since 2005. It incorporates a significant amount of her space art.

Julie is a member of the International Association of Astronomical Artists (IAAA: www.IAAA.org) Julie’s style is what IAAA members have dubbed as "swirly" and though based on actual phenomena, her work often expresses the emotion of the magnificence of space rather than scientific illustration.

After a thirty-three year career, Julie left the Lab in 2003 to pursue her art full time.  She and her old loves are now inseparable. Julie now lives north of Sparks, NV in the high desert along with her husband Curtis and enjoys the assistance of her son and part-time art partner, Ross, and watching her grandson Kale grow up.

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Julie Rodriguez Jones
11860 Canyon Dawn Dr.
Sparks, NV 89441-5524
Phone 775-425-6821
e-mail: artsoul@pacbell.net