Bob Eggleton
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Bob Eggleton

Space Artist

Bob Eggleton, is one of the hottest and most prolific artists on the scene today. Bob is a multiple award winner not only for his finely detailed space art, but he is equally at home doing science fiction, fantasy and horror art. He was awarded the prestigious HUGO award seven times. He is a frequent guest of honor at science fiction conventions all over North America and the world.

He has done countless book covers, for authors such as Gregory Benford, Greg Bear, Hal Clement, Arthur C. Clarke, and Isaac Asimov. His magazine credits include ASTRONOMY and SKY & TELESCOPE, SCIENCE FICTION AGE, and FANTASY & SCIENCE FICTION. He has also illustrated many of his own compilations such as ALIEN WORLDS, SEA MONSTERS, and the newest,GREETINGS FROM EARTH.

Bob's work is popular with publishers because of his dramatic and colorful compositions, and because he has the uncommon ability to meet a deadline. His technique is easily identifiable as his own, striving for an interesting angle and dazzling colors. He combines these elements to create a scene which is glowingly dreamlike, yet starkly realistic. He paints furiously with trance-like concentration, and seems to be able to paint anything imaginable, even by his own fertile mind.
"Space art to me is pure feeling,"he says, "something anyone can understand. For much of science fiction art, you must read the story to appreciate the art".

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