Monroe Lee King Jr
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Monroe Lee King Jr.

founder of "Team Prometheus".

Monroe King (born July 17, 1962) Advocate of amateur space exploration. Founder of Aeronautic Enterprises Inc. 2009. Founder of Team Prometheus 2008. Developer and founder of MEC Computers Inc. (1990), developer of the company's Tera Systems and Core Technologies. Monroe was also a member of the US Navy Color Guard, which instilled a strong patriotic meaning in his life. Former floor manager at American Microelectronics in Austin, Texas. Monroe has spent recent years as a Machinist for Texas
engine machine, N&N Machining and RPM Services.

Monroe has been deeply inspired by Dr. Paul H. Dear ( founder of the N-Prize), Richard Nakka of SS2S (Sugar Shot 2 Space), the Civilian Space Exploration Team as well as the Ansari X-Prize competition.

Aeronautic Enterprises Inc.

New Space Frontier
Team Prometheus
World Peace

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