Robert Brand
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Robert Brand

EOA (Echoes of Apollo) International & Australian Events Manager

Robert’s skills are ideally suited to being the International Events Manager for this global event. He is a seasoned Event Manager nominated for awards including a disability access award by creating a “world’s first” with real-time transcription for broadcasting conferences globally for the hearing impaired.

At the age of 17, during his term breaks from college, he wired up the audio and video connections for NASA’s equipment in Sydney, Australia for the Apollo 11 mission. He worked for nearly 20 years supporting communications for most NASA and many ESA missions. In 1975 Robert toured many NASA facilities in the US. On many occasions he was stationed at Parkes in support of ESA’s Giotto probe to Halley’s comet and the Voyager probe to Uranus and Neptune. Robert has awards from NASA in support of the STS1 and other shuttle missions.

In recent years he has assisted in trying to find NASA’s lost data tapes of the Apollo 11 mission and to document the history of Apollo 11 and other space activities that Australia was involved in. He has lectured overseas on Australia’s involvement in space. He has worked extensively in locating 3D Apollo mission photographs (stereo) and making them available to schools for resources. He has also donated his time to local schools to educate students on space and the Apollo missions.

Robert Passed both his amateur radio license of proficiency and his ship’s radio operators certificate while in his mid twenties and is currently been actively involved in installing and maintaining radio systems in extreme conditions such as underground road tunnels, power line tunnels and mines.

Robert is currently Director of a successful telecommunications company and is very active supporting Green initiatives and disability access. He is a member of the Australian Computer Society’s Communications Board (MACS). He heads the telecommunication work-group in the NSW Green IT Task-force. Robert’s unique experience and abilities have been able to grow EOA to fruition in record time.

Echoes of Apollo

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