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From the Ship’s Log of USS DILIGENCE (NCC-1956), November, 2304


On the fifth day of their stay on lotia, both the prospective and the present Commanding Officers of the DILIGENCE were in attendance at the signing ceremonies. This was Captain Thalkar's last official act as an officer of Starfleet. He was leaving for a lucrative civilian career. It was rumored that the blue-skinned Andorian had purchased a partnership interest in a trading conglomerate he adquartered somewhere in the Rigel System. Captain Sullivan had just left his first command, the USS CODY NCC 594, in orbit around lotia. His able first officer would be taking the CODY back to Starbase S1 where the new skipper was to take command. Captain Sullivan's orders? He did not know. His only orders were to board the DILIGENCE after the ceremonies, take command, and immediately digest the contents of a message delivered by a courier.


Less than a hundred people in all the Federation knew the name of the project, let alone it's ramifications. Now another knew! Captain Sullivan knew!.....

The turbolift hummed in the background as it delivered the new Captain to the bridge. He read once again the message delivered by the courier minutes ago....

BACKGROUND: Two years ago, in one of the most daring raids ever undertaken, a prototype sensor array under a development contract with the UFP, at the Cameron Naval Facility on Deneb V, was taken. At the time of the raid, project officials, in progress reports to Starfleet Command, had indicated the project was on time with an estimated completion date in 2307.

In less than thirty minutes, the array and ninety six scientists and engineers employed at the facility had disappeared. An additional 181 had been massacred.

Files at Starfleet indicate that, should the system operate according to specifics detailed in the UFP contract, it would make Dr. Daystrom seem like a designer of children's computers. The doctor himself called it a quantum leap forward!

All those missing as well as those massacred in the raid had signed isolation contracts. These contracts called for noncommunication with the outside world during the duration of the contract. Because of the top-secret cover placed on the project, and the remoteness of the facility, Starfleet had believed the operation to be relatively secure. Following the loss, they have continued the secrecy cover.

Recent reports from our intelligence operatives in the Rigel system have included items in their reports indicating that "something big" is about to happen in the system. Nothing firm, just a certain urgency rumbling along just below the surface.

YOUR ORDERS. CAPTAIN SULLIVAN: Effective immediately upon taking command, you will set course for the Rigel System at best warp. Imperative that the DILIGENCE be fully capable of taking care of all contingencies. Upon arrival, search for and interdict all shipping within a radius of five parsecs, with particular emphasis given to the Federation side of Rigel. Should any evidence concerning the missing personnel or the prototype sensor array be uncovered, confiscate the vessel, imprison the crew, and notify Starbase 27.

The ssshhh of the turbolift doors announced the new Captain to the bridge crew. Without hesitation, Sullivan stepped to the center seat and spoke. "Leuitenant Boulay, plot a course for the Rigel System. Mr. Moore, take us out of orbit. Commander Donati, I wish to see you in my ready room." With those orders given, he turned and retraced his steps to the turbolift with CDR Donati in close pursuit....


As the two entered the briefing room, the new captain opened the conversation with, "In light of the fact that Starfleet has not seen fit to order a first officer aboard, my newness as this ship's Commanding Officer makes my job extremely difficult. Your records indicate that you have been aboard for a considerable period of time. You are the ranking officer aboard. You will act as my first on this mission. As such, you must know certain things."

Saying that, the Captain sat down at the conference table and withdrew a sheaf of papers from his portfolio. The top sheet, a summary of that which followed, was titled "The First Confederacy ". Two ticks down was the name of the author, Dr. Ramona DeGarcia Silvia, followed by her position, "Professor Emeritus, Rigellian Institute for the study of Evolution". The preface indicated that after a good many years research by the doctor, she has finally nailed down the last piece of documentation required to verify the existence of an evolved sentient life form in our midst, one that could prove deadly to the Federation as well as her enemies.

Bo Donati began to read ... Far past the frontier of the UFP, far beyond Deneb in Subquadrant one north, lies several star systems inhabited by a sentient life form unknown to all, even in the upper echelons of the Federation. I have named them the First Confederacy (FC), for their form of government. Their present state of evolution exceeds ours by about three millenia. For over four hundred years, they have been watching the "uncivilized ones" on the far edge of the Orion arm. This watch has been with increasing uneasiness, as one after another, the fledgling spacefaring worlds ventured further and further from their own domains. As they have found with other young civilizations, their ability to manage technology does not always keep abreast with technological break throughs. As any such crisis could possibly impact their world, the FC took steps to insure their security.

I believe that, for many years, the FC has placed personnel in many key positions at Starfleet, Starfleet Academy, the UFP, and many science and business organizations. It is also likely that similar placements have been made in other alien societies. I have recently completed documentation of one such "placement": Dr. Thaddius T. Achnar, professor of United Federation of Planets History (A required course at the Academy). During his tenure at the Academy, I believe he has implanted suggestions in the minds of selected cadets who possibly might become pivotal Starfleet Officers. This programmed conduct can be activated if and when it becomes necessary. My research on Deneb V, on Rigel IV, and on Sol III supports my postulate that they are among us! Further, it is my considered opinion that The Commodore of Starbase 27, the military officer in charge of the Quantum Leap

Program and several Starship captains have been programmed to do their bidding, when and if needed. All the disclosures and charges made in this statement can be corroborated by data in the body of my work. I have come to you today with this information for I fear that we are perilously close to becoming a vassal world.

When Donati looked up from his reading of the summary, Captain Sullivan took it as a signal to continue his conversation. "Our consulate at New Dallas on Rigel IV received a copy of the doctor's work a week ago. She was supposed to speak out on it yesterday. She has disappeared without a trace. Starfleet Intelligence is convinced that the FC exists. Some of her work is duplicated in their files."

The Captain continued, "If all this is true, You are the best selection I could make as my "First". Because of your origins, I'm pretty sure that you aren't one of Dr. Achnar's proteges. I'm not that sure about myself. This briefing has been recorded. You are to store this manuscript in the safe storage in your quarters. If any action on my part during this mission could be construed as irregular, you are to take command." With this understood, the Captain adjourned the meeting and departed for his quarters. It had been a long day.