The Canopus Intrusion
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From the Ship’s Log of USS DILIGENCE (NCC-1956), April, 2305

Following the First Confederacy incident, Captain Sullivan contacted Star Fleet Command via sub-space radio and requested extended shore leave in the Sol system.

The response he received was not what he expected. He immediately called for a meeting of the senior officers.

"My request for shore leave has been denied." Captain Sullivan's announcement was greeted by a chorus of groans. "I share your sentiment, "he continued, silencing them. "The Diligence has been ordered to the Canopus system. Best possible speed...When can we break orbit?"

"Anytime sir," Donati replied. "Ships stores are now stocked and all damage to our navigational systems has been repaired."


"Fully functional."

"Status of warp drive?"

"All propulsion systems operational sir," LT Fairweather reported.

"Very good," Sullivan replied. "Make all necessary preparations to leave orbit."

"Aye sir," Fairweather replied, as he was excused from the meeting.

"Problems with the Terran colony, Captain?" Donati asked.

"I'm afraid not Commander," he said ominously.

Ensign D'Arcey sat quietly at the end of the table near Donati. When the Captain mentioned the Canopus system her mind began to race. She remembered something significant about the system but at this time it was eluding her.

"The Untha loians?" She blurted, adding a belated "sir".

"Canopus II is protected from outside contact by the Prime Directive," Bo stated.

"Someone has seen fit to disregard the Federations Prime Directive," Sullivan informed them. "Two guardian buoys which had been strategically placed emitted emergency signal codes. Shortly afterward the transmissions ceased. It is presumed that the buoys have been destroyed. A planetary interdiction neutral zone had been established surrounding Canopus II. Its purpose was to protect the inhabitants, the Untha loians, from outside contact. It is feared that any such contact will contaminate or destroy their developing culture."

"What exactly is an Untha loian?" Doctor Sternlowe asked. "Exobiology never was my strong suit."

"If I may sir," D'Arcey offered. The Captain nodded and she explained, "The Untha loians are semi-humanoid beings. They are small in stature, never growing more than a meter in size, yet they possess unusual strength."

"But, nothing extraordinary?" Sullivan asked.

"Not that I can recall, Captain." She replied. "I'll have to consult the computer library."

"Very well then," He ordered, "I'll expect your full report by 2100."

"Aye sir."

"Mister Donati, take us out of orbit and proceed to the Canopus system... Warp factor nine."



The survey vessel Lincoln first discovered the species called Untha loians while completing tests on the planet for possible colonization. The landing party was attacked by these fierce creatures and they were forced to return to their ship. A second party was able to avoid contact and make discreet observations.

It was determined that the race was not ready to be contacted by the Federation. It was also noted that the Untha loians were at a delicate stage in their social development and the planet should be isolated from outside contact.

One final note made by the scientific teams... Several areas of the planet were covered by ancient ruins similar to that of Terra’s Egypt.

1.) Who is responsible for this intrusion?

2.) Why are they interested in Canopus II?

3.) What is the target of interest? The Untha loians? Or the ancient ruins?



The DILIGENCE crept up on Canopus II utilizing passive sensors with hopes of catching any intruders unawares. Finding the planet and the parsec of space around it clear, Captain Sullivan ordered the ship to stand down from yellow alert. Extensive sensor sweeps raked the planet surface absorbing any and all pertinent information.

In the Captain's ready room, Commander Donati placed a PADD on the desk for Sullivan's comments and approval. The display listed recommended landing party assignments. The Captain momentarily ignored the PADD concentrating instead on the computer screen before him. "What do we have so far?" he asked as he sipped on a steaming cup of coffee.

"Initially survey scans place the bulk of the Untha loian population centers along the equator of the planet", Donati reported.

"And these locations coincide with the sites of the archeological ruins?"

"In every case, Sir."

Satisfied, Sullivan turned his attention to another pressing matter. Since arriving, the ship's sensors have encountered the presence of an energy field enveloping the planet. "Have our people been able to make any sense of the energy field?"

"Negative, Captain."


"It does not follow a pattern of natural phenomena, sir," Donati explained. "It can be assumed that it is being artificially created. Our scans have shown that the field (or planetary barrier) is gradually increasing in its intensity. The sensors have been partially affected."


"Fully functional, however Lieutenant Hanners reports that as the field grows, the transporters will become riskier to use."

"Then what are we waiting for Commander?" Sullivan grinned, dismissing him...