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Michael Carroll 12-14-09:  My new book is out and apparently doing well. It's called The Seventh Landing: Going back to the Moon, this time to stay. The publisher is Springer, and it's in bookstores and on Amazon. I had a blast chatting with various Apollo astronauts, scientists, and engineers about the world's plans to return humans to deep space. Enjoy!

Richard Bizley 11-22-09:  I have just been painting a Triceratops in full gallop towards a T-Rex. A rather overused theme I know, but children and adults love this sort of thing! It was hard working out the leg position of the Triceratops, so I used Rhinos for reference.

David A. Hardy 11-08-09: I'm looking forward to Novacon (SF con, 13-15 November), which this year is moving to the Park Inn, Nottingham. I shall have lots of stuff in the Art Show as usual, of course. Hope to see you there. Then on 19th I'm giving my Keynote ('Apple Powerpoint') presentation to the Astronomical Society of Haringey (ASH).

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Kim Poor 10-14-09: We've spun off Astronaut and put all our astronaut items there. The Novaspace site is getting too large and cumbersome, and we need to turn it back into a (smaller) space art site.

The new Astronaut Central website is a live 'beta-test'. We need your input: complaints and plaudits; ideas and suggestions; reports of bad links, bad grammar, misspellings, etc. Some things we're aware of, and are working on, but we need your help to run smoothly by this Christmas season. Be sure to update bookmarks!

Any orders from the new site are LIVE and will be processed. We share the Novaspace shopping cart to some extent. so registered users can use the same login.

An autograph signing by 4-time Shuttle icon Robert Crippen is being held by our friends at the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation (ASF, founded by Alan Shepard in the 1980s.) Info at:

WE will host our own John Young autograph signing in January. He and Bob Crippen were the daring crew of STS-1, the first space shuttle flight. STS-1 crew-signed photos are rare and valuable. This is your opportunity. We'll have NO multi-signed or completion fees. Info on our John Young signing available later. (Dec. or so.)

New HUBBLE photos! from the recently-upgraded space telescope. We've already got giclee posters at INTRODUCTORY PRICES until 10/1:

Thanks for your time Kim & Saly Poor

Lynette Cook 10-14-09:: Today the 2009 PaintAmerica Top100 exhibit opens at the Kolb Studio Gallery in the Grand Canyon. My painting "Archway to the Sky" is included. It is an acrylic painting of the La Ventana Arch at El Malpais National Monument in New Mexico. The exhibit is up through September 15, then travels to the Old Courthouse Gallery in St. Louis, Missouri.

Frank Hettick 10-14-09: We have done a few exciting things since we last chatted!

Just finished a new home (right in front of the the old one which we tore down) and trying to now find everything from all the boxes of stuff we had to store during the tear-down and construction - so not too much new art happened during the construction phase!

But we did have a 2-month long one-man show at Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff AZ (April through May) which went very well (nice reception, slide show along with a Q & A presentation, plus met a lot of 'friends n' fans as well as made some new ones). Also sold three-or-four pieces there during the show!

We now have our middle daughter's two oldest (11 and 12) from Holland on an educational exchange program for two years so I suspect our lifestyle is going to change dramatically for a while!

Another ripe piece of news! Two or three of my pieces will appear in "Out of This World" art exhibition at Hearst Art Gallery at St. Mary's College in Moraga, CA (near Walnut Creek in the East Bay Area) for a two-month run opening Oct 10, 2009. - I get to share in the limelight with 11 other distinguished space and astronomical artists including Chesley Bonestell.

Kim Poor 09-10-06: Novaspace invites you to the VIP reception of our Harrison Schmitt
book signing, Saturday evening November 18, 2006 from 5-10:00 PM at our NEW Tucson workshop. (720 W. Prince) Admission to the event is $20 ea, or $30/couple, children under 12 free.

We'll have catered food, wine, desserts, telescope viewing, free photo, police security...our usual extras. Dress is high casual. See our last VIP booksignng report, pix, & video at:

Kim Poor 09-07-06: Novaspace is sponsoring a major event – SpaceFest 2007 (next year) August 17-19 in Phoenix (Mesa). We will feature an astronaut autograph show, space art show, live auction, exhibits, vendors, speakers and banquet.

Please see the website for details. Check back for we update daily.
It seems early to announce the show, but we will be in China for a month of stem cell treatments for Kim.

Dr. Mark A. Garlick 07-26-06: My latest book has just been published. It's called the Illustrated Atlas of the Universe, and is published (in the UK) by Fog City Press. I don't know who is publishing it in America. I wrote it and did over 70 of the illustrations.

Michael Carroll 07-19-06: The most time-consuming recent project is a book I am coauthoring with volcano expert Rosaly Lopes of JPL. The book will be called Alien Volcanoes, and comes out through Johns Hopkins University Press late this year. I am doing 15 paintings for the book, which covers volcanism on the Moon, terrestrial planets, and Io, then proceeds to the outer system to explore the bizarre cryovolcanoes of Enceladus, Triton, and possibly Titan.

Lynette R. Cook 07-19-06: Regarding new news, I have created eleven illustrations for Dava Sobel to visually express the individual chapters in her new book The Planets.
These images will be featured in the paperback version of The Planets, available in November 2006.

I don't recall if I mentioned my book Infinite Worlds when I sent you material before. "Infinite Worlds: An Illustrated Voyage to Planets Beyond Our Sun," co-authored with Ray Villard is available via, and other major booksellers. It is about planets and life in the universe and includes nearly 70 of my illustrations. The Foreword is by Geoffrey W. Marcy, the after word by Frank Drake, and the Publisher is The University of California Press.

Frank Hettick 07-18-06: Only real excitement on our end is the move-in now underway with our new private studio/gallery building.  About 4,000 sq. ft. total with over half devoted to gallery exhibits (which includes some Bonestell pieces, Alan Bean prints, plus a couple of dozen of my own canvas pieces.

Looking forward to some personal gatherings off and on over the next couple of years - and hope you might make it up this way for a quick stop/lookey thing (let us know a few days in advance if you do ever plan anything up our way and we will dust everything off and throw open the doors for you).

No new pieces recently that I can talk about since almost all my time has been devoted to overseeing the finishing of the gallery - plus completing 12 very unusual and different pieces for a 2008 calendar (the deadline is this November for the set to be completed - and I have finished seven pieces so far).  I haven't even had time to post anything new on our Selection of the Month page since April!

After the calendar is published (and if it is successful) the publisher wants to start on a coffee table book of my art to be printed a year or two later (retirement just seems to be slipping further and further from my grasp these days).

Had an art-showing at a coastal gallery for three days (last weekend) and have been so busy trying to catch up from that I haven't had time to post the up-to-date pics and notes on my news link page (will probably accomplish that later next week - in the meantime here is the link to the overall News page -

Joe Tucciarone 07-17-06: Let's see, I've been creating computer-generated astronomical video clips.  For example, in one video we travel through the early solar system and see Jupiter as a molten ball while in another we descend into the bowels of a black hole.  Several of my newest clips appeared in the History Channel's "Asteroid Apocalypse" show in May.  These clips depicted the Tunguska Impact event of 1908. 

My current "work-in-progress" involves the violent impact of a proto-planet with the proto-Earth which is thought to have formed our moon.

David A. Hardy 07-17-06: Until 10 September I have some very early (1950s) work in an exhibition called 'Starry Messenger: Visions of the Universe' at Compton Verney -- see:

Last March I saw the total solar eclipse from the Sahara, which was great -- I've put some pictures up on my website. In October the paperback, revised edition of FUTURES, re-titled '50 YEARS IN SPACE: What We Thought Then . .  . What We
Know Now' is due out.   I'm giving my Keynote video talk to the British Interplanetary Society at the British Space Centre in Leicester on 28 October.   And _next_ September (21-23)  I am Artist Guest of Honour at Eurocon, the SF convention, in Copenhagen.

Chris Butler 07-02-06: I guess the biggest things for me these days are finishing up the new planetarium film for Griffith Observatory (after 3 years).  We'll be opening in the fall or winter, so it has been a huge project.  I can't talk about what’s IN the film, but as art director, I have been responsible for the "look and feel" of everything, and doing a lot of research to assure any historic locations that appear are right.

Also, I have been continuing to perform my own planetarium shows aboard the Queen Mary 2, most recently in February 2006 when she sailed from Los Angeles to Hawaii and back.  I'll be aboard again this December in the Caribbean, and then again in February 2007 when she sails from San Francisco to Sydney.

Other than that, life is proceeding pretty uneventfully!