Kelly Ann Cohoon
September 6, 1964 Ė May 21, 2009

Photo is of Kelly with nephew, Josh
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Kelly Cohoon entered my life in August of 1989 when she joined a Star Trek writers group that my husband and I had started called Starships of the Third Fleet. She stayed with us for twelve years until we shut down because of cost. I went on to continue the group on the Internet a few months after we closed the doors. Kelly joined us for awhile.

My husband was the Admiral of the older group and Kelly would love to call and talk with Ken. He commanded her first ship and she loved to call and chat.

Kelly was loved by many members of SS3F. You couldnít help but fall under her friendliness and kindness. Her smile and sparkling eyes lit up many hearts Iím sure. She was a very special person and will be remembered by all who knew her.

Sleep in comfort Kelly for you are in Godís hands now.

Captain TE Lawrence