Rules of Engagement

Specific circumstances may require that certain directions be provided the commanding officer of a Starfleet unit, including military and/or political situations. These directions, which impact the general actions and operational constraints affecting an on-scene commander, are codified into several Rules of Engagement. Under normal, peace-time conditions, all Starfleet units in operate under Rule of Engagement 1; under other conditions, one or more of the following Rules of Engagement will be put into effect.

1. Hostilities are not expected. Approach all known vessels openly without energized weapons or active sensor scans. Unknown vessels are to be treated with appropriate caution; unless circumstances warrant, active sensor scans will not be conducted of unknown vessels.

2. Hostilities are not expected but may be possible. Maintain a distance from non-Starfleet vessels at least equal to the other vesselís known or suspected weapons range. Own weapons are not to be energized, but may be placed in standby mode. If circumstances warrant, active sensor sweeps may be conducted.

3. Hostilities are possible and expected. Close to own shipís weapons range. Own shipís weapons may be energized. Active sensor sweeps are authorized.

4. Avoid contact with all other non-Starfleet vessels to the best of abilities. Weapons are to be placed in standby mode. The use of active sensor sweeps is to be avoided if circumstances allow.

5. If contact with a non-Starfleet vessel is made, no engagement is to be attempted or allowed. Weapons may be energized if circumstances warrant. Active sensor sweeps are authorized.

6. Cover retirement of high-value unit (s) utilizing own shipís capabilities to the fullest extent possible. Protection of the high-value unit is of paramount importance.

7. Circumstances exist which may categorize own ship as expendable. All efforts are to be made to save crew. If necessary, own ship is to be destroyed in a manner to cause the maximum amount of damage to other ship(s) as possible.

8. Hostilities exist and can be expected. Seek out and engage vessels designated as hostile where ever and when ever possible. Weapons are to be energized and used as circumstances dictate.

9. If fired upon, return fire is NOT authorized.

10. If fired upon, return fire IS authorized.