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Name:  Lieutenant Commander TíPrel 
Position:  Chief of Science
Birthworld:  Vulcan
Age:  38 Standard Earth Years (2277)

Personal Data:

Height:  5í7".
Weight: 120 lbs.
Sex: Female
Hair: Black
Eyes: Gray. 
Race: Vulcan

Immediate Family:  

Mother: TíYar
Father:  Svaren
Marital Status: Betrothed to Sian son of Sorel
Children: None


Physical Appearance: LT TíPrel is slender and almost elfin in appearance. Her hair is straight and black in the style of the vast majority of Vulcans. Her complexion is pale, but not overly so. Her eyes are gray with the characteristic flared eyebrows.

Personality: LT TíPrel is typically stoic in character. She is ponderous and weighs her thoughts carefully, often speaking in a slow and methodical way. She is accepting in the differing cultures of the Federation, seeing this as logical. Her universe is ordered and measured, as is reflected in her quarters; everything has its place. LT TíPrel is not overly outgoing, nor is she particularly fond of new things. She considers herself a creature of habit, seeing order and comfort in repetition.

Other Pertinent Data:  LT TíPrel maintains an interest in Federation culture and has studied the cultures of all other Federation races.

History: LT TíPrel was born on Vulcan and studied under Master Síkon. Upon coming of age, she decided in a career in Star Fleet. Her record at the Academy was exemplary and she was given a posting to an Excelsior class vessel, USS Lexington.

After five years of outstanding service, she has been given a posting as the Social Science Officer for the USS Phoenix.